Rggh owners please help ! Zipper concern!

  1. Checked my town rggh...smooth zipper. Was purchased at Bal LV.
  2. I got my GRGH as well, and no Lampo zippers either. This is weird, it leaves me thinking about how this is going to affect the authentication of bals with rose gold later on. We are so used to the Lampo stamps, its one of the items used to authenticate. I would say something will eventually need to be documented later on, when the market is full of them. I wonder if one of the mods can check on this? ;)
  3. ^^There are plenty of other ways to authenticate a bal. I really don't think its that big of a deal.
  4. Earlier today, I decided to check the back sides of the zippers on my RGGH Day (for the first time ever), and saw that they're all smooth as well (no Lampo stamps). I even took out a magnifying glass to see if I was missing a smaller logo somewhere, but nothing. I have to say that since this is my very first Balenciaga bag, I kinda panicked. I thought, oh no...I was duped...maybe the store where I got it had a counterfeit bag that they sold me...oh no...but, wait, the leather on this bag is so smooshy and soft and everything else is perfect and I love it...oh my gosh...what happened? You see, I did panic. Then I thought, hey let's see if there's anything about this on the Purse Forum. And here we are. Boy, I sure am happy to see that this (the Lampo stamp) appears to be something that is missing from other giant rose gold hardware bag zippers as well. Phweeuff.
  5. My anthra RGGH Pt has the same smooth zipper too.
  6. I just got my RGGH city today and also noticed that it just had a smooth zipper! Whew...
  7. Wow, I wonder if the new zipper will be as high quality as the Lampo brand. I wonder if it is a cheaper lower quality zipper?
  8. Hopefully not! :sad:
  9. K i'm not sure if anyone is following this thread anymore, but I sent them an email with this concern and asked if it was a different company making them for the RGGH. I'll post their reply if anyone else is interested?
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    Just got my Bleu Roi RGGH City today from AR. I was super excited, but I had to check the bag very carefully because it's my first purchase with them. I just noticed that the zippers are plain, no stamping on them at all. I know bags from AG are supposed to be authentic, but it is just strange to me. Is this a RGGH thing? Or it is not normal at all. I am new to Balenciaga, so please help.
  11. RGGH doesnt have lampo written on it
  12. ^ Yes agree with i_love_yorkie all my RGGH bags don't have the lampo just plain.
    I guess lampo is not manufacturing the RGGH zippers :biggrin: only Gold and Silver.
  13. Thanks ladies. I just found the RGGH Zipper post, so it is a rosegold thing. lol
  14. Yup, my rggh has nothing written on the back either; totally smooth. (Almost looks like real rose gold, lol!)
  15. i just got my RGGH anthracite Town today, yeah, i found out no Lampo zippers! all smooth!
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