Rggh owners please help ! Zipper concern!

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  1. i just got my black RGGH town and discovered that the zippers do not have lampo stamping at the back... are yours the same as well?

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    uh? seriously?omg!! btw show us your town :heart:
  3. thanKs*L*:P i missed her thread yesterday:sleepy:
  4. My Canard RGGH Day has a zipper that is smooth on the back with no name or logo. Haven't checked my RG Town yet but I'm guessing it is the same as yours.
  5. no logo. smooth...
  6. i just checked my zipper on my new sorbet town...i got it at bal lv and it has a lampo stamp on the underside
  7. sorry...mine has sgh though
  8. It might be because Lampo doesn't make rose gold zippers. They maybe had to use another manufacturer.
  9. Just got mine today, black RGGH city, no Lampo stamp either! I checked every zipper's flip side, non of them had the logo.I noticed it when I was paying... i'm a little disappointed cuz I'm so used to seeing the lampo logo.
    But anyways, it's still a pretty color!
  10. Saw RGGH Anthracite Town in authentic store: no Lampo zipper on that bag.
  11. I wonder if the no Lampo stamp will make selling difficult down the road? Save your receipts ladies!
  12. ^^^ Wise words, Roey :yes:
  13. It's not just on the Town; it appears to be on all of the RGGH hardware ... they are all flat!!! I happened to notice this the other day when looking at a brand new 2010 Anthra RGGH PT. When I mentioned it to the S/A she said "what?!?! ... you're kidding?!?!"; so obviously, she was not aware of this.
  14. I still believe its because Lampo does not make rose gold zippers and they had to get the zippers from another manufacturer.