Rggh owners please help ! Zipper concern!

  1. woooo... i hope that's not the case....
  2. @Dtowngirl12
    i'd love to know
  3. @frankiextah
    mine looks just like yours
  4. My RGGH seems lighter (clean rosegold) in shade than most of the RGGH (dirty rosegold) I saw in the forum. I got it from a friend. Could this be fake?
  5. ^^ Post pics of the entire bag in the ATB thread, we can help you there.
  6. Hi

    I'm having a panic here. Hopefully unnecessarily.

    My recently purchased anthracite RGH City has no writing on the undersides of the zips.

    My other 3 Bals have the writing on the zips.

    I bought my anthra RGH City from a reputable store however there was a returns receipt in the inner pocket so I know it's been bought and returned previously.

    Should it have the writing on the zips?

    I wait with anticipation.
  7. RGGH does not have any writing on the zippers. The back of the zippers are shiny and smooth. Yours is definitely authentic.
  8. Ooooops I meant to say RGGH not RGH.

    Thank you for putting my mind at rest. A big PHEW!!!!
  9. No worries! The rggh bags don't have writing on the zips. Congrats on your new purchase!
  10. Oh my goodness Tiree you must have been having kittens. So pleased everything is okay.
  11. yeah i bought mine from the boutique itself - no Lampo markings.
  12. hi, am fairly new here and is there a thread regarding serial number for anthracite city RGGH???

    someone is offering me her bag and am not so sure if it is authentic..

    can someone kindly show me the thread please..

    thank you!
  13. Holy craaap! I just came across this thread. I don't get to visit tPF much these days, but I just bought a Seigle RGGH PT and I freaked out when I accused the seller of sending me a fake. God I am so embarrased now...Eeeek. I better send an apology email stat!

    My zippers were blank also and I also noticed the style card is printed on different stock (slightly thinner card).

    Ok, take a breath now...

    Thanks for this thread xo
  14. Hmm, well it looks like I'm gonna throw a cat amongst the pigeons here because my Giant City in RGH turned up today and it does have Lampo stamped on the back of all the zips. Ordered direct from the Balenciaga UK website so absolutely authentic, ordered on the 27th. Perhaps their Rose Gold zippers are now manufactured by Lampo but the earlier ones weren't?

  15. ^^ is yours a 2011 bag?
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