Rggh owners please help ! Zipper concern!

  1. Girls, my balenciaga Neon Orange also has no Lampo zipper stamped. But mine is silver regular sized hardwares. Is this normal..? Pls pls help :cry:
  2. I have a question pertaining GH zipper. I find it really hard to zip my mRGGH PT (the only GH I have), the zips including the external pocket and the internal pockets one are not smooth like my RH bags. Is it all GH zippers are "rough" to zip up? Or is it cause the shape of PT
  3. I only have one mRGGH and it's the Black Handle clutch. Have the same problem. The zipper is stiff, not smooth. I pull way too hard on the zipper trying to close it. Always think it's going to break.
    My other one is a Velo with GRRH and that one's fine, no problem.
  4. I have the same problem with my mrggh town! All the zippers are difficult to open and close! Such a disappointment as I got the town to use cross body while holding my daughter and one handed opening and closing is not an option! :boo:
  5. Hi! I also had the same problem. What i did is that i rubbed a wax candles on the zipper. It made the zipper "loose" and not hard to use.
  6. Hi, this is my rosé buyree town in rgh

    It has the lampo logo... I bought it from Singapore bal boutique.

  7. I noticed mine has the same issue, how did you wax your bag? I'm so scared to damage it.
  8. Just let the candles pass thru the zipper. Just rub the candle on the zipper. The wax will make the zipper loose and easy to close or open. =) i hope this helps! =)
  9. Good morning,
    My 2010 RGGH Balenciaga Work has smooth, shiny zippers too!
    I was soooooooo worried until I read your postings.
    b1.jpg b3.jpg b8.jpg b7.jpg
  10. OMG, I'm so thankful I looked for this thread!! I just received a 2010 Black RGGH Part Time from Ann's Fabulous Finds and just noticed the zippers missing the LAMPO markings and freaked out!!! Now after reading this, I can rest easy....whew!!! Thank goodness for this forum!!! I'll have to do a reveal later! ;)
  11. I just purchased my First Balenciaga bag, (Pre Owned)... I checked all the possible details like the Rivets, straps, etc.. All are ok except the Zipper which has no Lampo mark on the back. I dont know if it authentic... Pls help me...

    2010 1 173084 D94JO 1594
    Agneau Pleine Fleur Aniline
  12. Please authenticate my first purchase balenciaga bag. I dont know what's style, i hope anyone can help me... Thank you very much...
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    Here's another pix.
  14. Next pix...
  15. 3rd pix..
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