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  1. I would love to know the outcome and what you did? I just found out my Givenchy Antigona from ******* is counterfeit and I want my money back from *******.
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  2. Has anyone purchased from a site called Legit?
  3. I can't decide on the givenchy pandora mini in black or the light gray. Does anyone have issues with color transfer with the gray? I can't find any threads on color transfer. Help!!!!
  4. Is Tradesy a good site? are the items authentic???
  5. Has anyone purchased from Gente Roma online? Are they authentic? Their prices are a lot less then any other online site/store. Thanks.
  6. I feel. like I am about to be in the same position. What was your outcome, and how did you find out it was a fake, I'd like to get mine authenticated.
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  7. Hi there, any progress on this? My friend just bought from ******* also and her hardware has broken after only two months. She's devastated!
  8. Oh no. I feel her pain. Such stress. I rang ACCC, and then I lodged a formal complaint with my state consumer protection / fair trading (I’m in WA), which is still on going, but they have agreed to repair under warranty, after originally saying I was up for repair costs, just waiting on confirmation it includes the shipping. I had it less than 6 months.
    I went to the Givenchy store when I was on holidays (we don’t have one here) they can do a side by side comparison and give you feedback, and spot anything that doesn’t match their bags. I would get her to contact the store she purchased & request it is repaired, under warranty. Feel free to contact me directly if you’d like. Wish her all the best, I’ll never buy from them again.
  9. Thanks for your reply! She's going to email them and see what their response is and go from there.
  10. Tell her to stay strong & stand her ground. If she doesn’t like their response, take it higher. View the ACCC website to get points on what is acceptable. I would say her bag would have the same points as mine:
    * Item fit for purpose for intended use
    * Length of time for which is reasonable for product to be used
  11. Thank you!! Will pass this onto her asap.
  12. UPDATE: bag is counterfeit.
  13. oh no! I am equal parts livid & heart broken for your friend. How did she find out & has she had any luck from *******?
  14. They replied and are adamant the bag is authentic and they also said they would pay for cost of repair and they will also pay to get it authenticated by Givenchy in Melbourne.
  15. Coming from the horses mouth....

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