Reputable Sellers of Givenchy Bags!

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  1. Hey everyone! I’m no expert, but being that our sub-forum is still brand spanking new, and many are coming here to learn about Givenchy bags, I thought it would be nice to share where we buy our bags from.

    Please add as much information as you can. I’m just throwing in the things I have learned from you guys!

    Department Stores:
    Please note, a couple times a year, the department stores put Givenchy bags on sale for discounts between 30% and 40%. There may be even deeper discounts as well (after Christmas/New Year perhaps). Please check the **Givenchy Shopping Finds and Intels** frequently, as you can often times find good deals in there.

    Online Boutiques for brand new bags:
    6. (However, this site has sold fake Balenciaga bags and there was a scandal involving one other high end brand, as well)
    Consignment Stores for pre-loved bags:
    There are obviously many other merchants that sell authentic Givenchy bags, so please add to the list so we all know of the best places to hunt down the bags we are lusting for.

    Thanks everyone.
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  2. This is a GREAT idea! I don't have anything to contribute at this time by as I fall more in love with this brand, I'm sure I'll have some reputable sellers to add. Thanks for doing this.
  3. Thanks REREsaurus!

    I know I could have used this info when I fell insanely in love with Nightingales and started searching for the ones I want.

    Please add to the list whenever you can. I wonder, should we add Sales Associates as well? Or is it better to just request a PM on those? Not sure if every SA wants their contact info so readily available...:thinking:

    Thanks again!
  4. Hi, I am new to Givenchy and amd thinking of ordering a nightingale from Lindestore but their prices seem so low compared to others. Has anyone ordered from them before? Are they legit? Thanks.
  5. ^ Yes they are legit. I haven't purchased there personally but quite a few givenchy pfers have and so far everyone has been happy. :smile:
  6. Thanks REREsaurus!
  7. I just bought my pandora from them and received 2 days ago.
    I buy my Lanvin from them as well.
    Nothing to worry about, lindestore is definitely legit.
  8. Thanks pbdb. It's good to know someone have purchased from them and everything went fine.
  9. The Nordstrom at the Mall of America has a great selection of Givenchy products! Great Chanel and Gucci stuff too!
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  10. how about a spy pic? :graucho:
  11. I live 4 hours away, but next time I go up there I will try to snap a spy pic.!
  12. oh yeah definitely don't go out of your way for 4 hours...just want to see which colors your nordie carries.
  13. Adding another online boutique (has stores in Italy) to the list:
  14. Adding (as recommended by a moderator in Celine and other tPFers in YSL and elsewhere).
  15. Also adding