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  1. I would doubt very much that Givenchy in Melbourne would authenticate your item, even if paid. A lot of stores don’t do this. Please see what Givenchy has adviced above.

    Email Givenchy yourself and go to ACCC with Givenchys confirmation that they do not distribute to this store.
  2. This.
  3. That's what I told her.. She's progressing with an ACCC claim.
  4. So I just received my bag back from the repairs. IMm not happy. They have worked so hard to repair the scratches that the grain is now completely different
    I’ve also been able to compare my bag with the images I took & with the discussions I had instore at Chadstone when I was there in July, and have seen 3 key differences (that he suggested I look for!) with my bag vs the one sold in the Givenchy store. I am ropeable. I will be hitting them up for a refund tomorrow. I am absolutely fuming & heartbroken. How dare they.
  5. WOW! Do you have photos?
  6. Here you can see the difference in the texture. The grain is really flat in comparison to the rest of the bag.
  7. Do you have further photos of the bag? Have you had it authenticated?
  8. Thank you for posting this. I am about to email them to add to my file & back my claim. Did it take a while to hear back, or are they quite prompt?
  9. Where is your friend located? I am trying to gather info for all the cases up against them to pass onto my case person in WA. Breach of Consumer law, they'll be in A LOT of trouble.
  10. I’m so sorry to hear about your bag. Givenchy was quite quick to reply. However, since I’ve posted this, I’ve found that it seems most designer houses have this standard response to this query. They definitely want or prefer people to buy directly from their stores.

    For example, Celine claimed that Parlour X in Sydney was not a place they supplied when Parlour X in facts deals and buys directly from Celine and PX was not happy with that response. They love to do the whole spiel of “To ensure authenticity, it is advised you purchase directly from our stores”.

    I do hope you get your money back
  11. The ******* company in Sydney Australia is selling replica items, both in stores and online. They are called superfakes meaning that the bags attempt to look authentic to deceive the consumer but are actually counterfeit.