Reputable Sellers of Givenchy Bags!

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  2. Has anyone bought a Nightingale from They seem to be based in Italy and are a chain of stores. I was wondering about their shipping and customer service, has anyone had any issues with them at all?
  3. The one time I ordered from them they cancelled my order, but it was also a sale item. They ship through Farfetch so all duties are paid and I believe they do the free returns. They are reputable.
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  5. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm nervous to order from a European site, I just don't want to get my purse and then get unforeseen taxes or anything else charged to me.
    Is it safe to assume that the final price and shipping listed on the order will be the price that you will pay?
    The European prices are so much cheaper and they've got a better selection than here!:smile:
  6. From what I've heard from other people the price you see is what you pay. I never got my bag so I don't know from personal experience but that's what other people on the forum have told me. I'm thinking about trying to order from them again soon as well.
  7. Is Reebonz authentic?
  8. So far I did not hear any bad reviews on the authenticity issue from my friends. However some research needs to be done as their prices for some bags may be a bit higher than other websites.
  9. I'm hoping for a sale but their price and the navy blue Nightingale is too good to pass up. It's atleast $400 cheaper than here and the store here doesn't have blue and won't be getting it either.:smile:
  10. Not sure if anyone who has had more experience with tessabit can chime in but I'm not sure if they do coupons or not. They might be like NAP and just do annual sales. I think HG bags has a navy nightingale too though, if you're interested.
  11. Have you ordered from them? Are all of the bags pre-owned? I really want a new one. It would turn out to be around the same price give or take a few dollars.
  12. I got my first Givenchy from her (Erica at HGbags). Only the bags under the pre-owned category are pre-owned. Everything is authentic. She tends to have coupons every now and then, there was just one for $200 off orders over $1000 last weekend.
  13. Thanks for the tip , I think I'm going to wait for another coupon and go with them. I feel better that they are based in North America which makes them easier to deal with. Thanks for the recommendation!:smile:
  14. Hi, im so interested in buying small black antigona in goat grained leather. Do you guys know any reputable seller online or in stores that have small antigona? I'm living in San Francisco. Thank you