Reputable Sellers of Givenchy Bags!

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  1. Great thanks. Enjoy the new bag x
  2. Thank you so much and fear not from buying from Cruise or Flannels!
  3. Hi all,
    I made a purchase from Monday of last week. I got a confirmation email for my order that said my item would ship within 1-3 business days, and I would get an email when it shipped. I know they are listed as a reputable seller, but I'm a bit worried because I have yet to hear back about my order being shipped! Has anyone else had a similar experience with lindelepalais? Obviously I know one week isn't very long, but just the fact that the confirmation email said 1-3 business days... I hope someone else has had this experience also and can put my mind at ease. Thanks for your help :smile:
  4. HellO!!
    I would not be worried at all! Linde le palais is definitely a reputable seller (personal experience) and it has also happened to me. The shipping is really fast though :smile:
    Please share with us your Givenchy item when you receive it! :smile:
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    Okay, so I received the Pandora wallet that I ordered from linelepalais as mentioned in my previous post. The wallet is gorgeous but the color is HOT pink whereas in the picture on the website it looked more like a berry pink. I really wasn't anticipating such a bright color, and I really can't see myself using it because I just don't love it. However, I'm in the US and if I return it to them, I have to pay the return shipping fees (which I'm fine with) but it also says that "any duties we'll pay to make these items come back to Italy, will be deducted from your refund" !! How much should I expect to pay for this? I noticed that on a thread about Italist (another seller based in Italy) some of the duty fees people had deducted from their refund was close to half the cost of the actual item!! Would I be better off just selling the wallet on eBay? :sad:
  6. Hey everyone
    Just wanted to buy a Givenchy Antigona from i just wanted to check and see if they were a reputable seller? I have read above that they are but the prices are so much cheaper on there i just wanted to make sure before purchasing.
    Also i have looked at if anyone has any feedback about them or which website is best to order from.
    Thank you for any help
  7. HGbags is authentic and reputable. I have purchased bottega, LV and Balenciaga from Erica. I originally found her on the PurseForum on Balenciaga. You can also find an interview with her on line. Excellent prices and sign up for her mail list as she will offer coupon codes.

    She is offering a 20% code for St Paddy's day. Code is pretty20
  8. Hi,
    Has anyone bought fromitalianluxuryforyou on eBay ?
  9. Did you end up buying from *******?
  10. Hi,
    I also recently purchased a Pandora bag from but unfortunately it's not with me yet as I had it delivered elsewhere. However, I got some pictures and everything else seems to look good except for the sticker in the care card. It looks different from all other care cards I have seen of the Pandora which has gotten me all worried, especially since I can't inspect the bag on my own and can only depend on the pictures sent to me. Were you able to find out if the Pandora you purchased is actually authentic or not? Thanks!
    Erica offers authentic NEW or PRELOVED handbags at great value. Theres usually an 15%-20% coupon code offer on her fb page. I've been eyeing on some bags on her site and can't wait to make my first purchase once I make up my mind(haha indecisive me!). Plus she always restocks with each season. My friends had previously ordered from her numerous times and shes legit!

    SSENSE.COM is great too! I think theyre Canada based but I live in US and was able to get my package shipped to me really quick. I scored a great price on my small givenchy antigona during their semi annual sale.
  12. I am new to posting on purse forum but can I just say that this Aussie gal absolutely loves reading all of your helpful posts!

    I thought that I had my online shopping covered at Selfridges (brilliant!), Farfetch, and even smaller retailers like Bagheera Boutique (good for Ferragamo shoes) but you guys have well and truly opened my horizons!!

    I am looking at buying a good all year round everyday bag that I can take to work (stockroom) as I am worried about trashing my LV speedy 30 and my Miu Miu madras. I was looking at the Mulberry Bayswater in Oak but having read some of the posts on Mulberry don't like how 'sensitive' the leather is. I want a bag that is durable but stylish. I was looking (and waiting for a sale) on the Givenchy Nightingale (small) in the Mastic?. Any suggestions?

  13. Welcome to the Givenchy subforum. You have great taste, since the mastic gale was quite popular and most likely sold out by now. Hopefully they'll continue the color next season, or else, you can always stalk second hand sites.

    I personally adore the gale, and the new style is quite durable, but unstructured, so less to worry about any corner rubs. Its also spacious, which is why I carry a gale to work 80% of the year. There may still be some good sales left, so keep an eye out for them. One last note, look into old style gales too, as they are a great design and can be a bargain if you find one in good shape. Good luck.
  14. Thanks so much for your reply. I almost bought the Mulberry Bayswater in oak the other day and decided to do my homework on tpf first. I somehow got onto the Givenchy forums,hence the decision to go for the nightingale. If I can't get the Mastic, there is a new season beige I like too. However, way too overpriced here in Australia. I tend to steer away from US websites (your dollar is too strong) and buy from European websites such as Stylebop and" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter.

    I will keep reading through the Givenchy threads to find a Gale from a reputable retailer at a decent price.

  15. I don’t understand, L'inde le Palais sell the small Antigona for $1 cheaper than Saks. What am I missing? Tax? Tax would have to be added to the Saks price. Did I just answer my own question?
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