Ramadan :)

  1. My younger bro and sis just got back from umrah recently..they had a blast...They made 3 videos while touring around..amazing!

    also, my sister snuck her camera into the mosque and took up close shots of the kabba...:heart:
  2. hiii all happy ramdan and may allah bless u all i found it difcult i cant sleep b4 praying alfajr and i have to wake up@9 to go 2 work and although working hours are shorten by low they are still soooooooooooooooo long :sad:

    any way happy ramdan allah ytgbl al9yam w algyam inshalah w y3wdh 3lena w3leekm b97h w 3afeh
  3. mbaraaaaak 3alikm shahar...
  4. I'm not a muslim but I really marvel at the way they can fast for so long. I think I would have fainted in half a day.
  5. oh wow masha'Allah I usually get to go every ramadan too, but planing to go Hajj insha'Allah in dec so looking forward to that mayb I'll get to take pics then..
  6. im going 2 makkah end of the month inshalah
  7. Lucky Bella and princessPink ... :heart:
  8. so lucky girls....
  9. salaam...

    oops, im late to the conversation...but ramadan is now in full swing...aye, im hungry!

    i wish i could go to hajj with my husband this year :sad: but i have to go to pakistan for my brothers wedding...inshAllah will stop in dubai and damascus on the way there to get some abayas and to visit the in-laws!! yay...not many good muslim-wear here in florida...

    late ramadan mubarak!

  10. Didnt want to start a new Thread , thats why i thought of popping up the old one .. =)

    Today is the 1st day Of Ramadan .. Best wishes
    Ramdan Mubarak to All of You =)
  11. Yay for Ramadan!
    This is my first year participating for Ramadan.
    I'm a converter. :upsidedown:
  12. Omg.. Congrats!! Mashallah.. Also fasting this month... I cant wait, it just feels so good when Ramadan starts.. Its even very healthy for you, non-Muslim scientists even proved it.. I hope you all have a wonderful Ramadan:smile:;)!! Don't forget to wake up early before the sunrise; So you can have your breakfast..
  13. mubarak 3alikom el shahr..

    first day is always the hardest.. as ramadan creeps back every yr its getting closer and closer to summer here...

    bas yalla its shorter working hours and we start later faa that helps.. its all of you outside the arab world that have it tougher longer days everythings open..

    allah we yakoum
  14. Best wishes to all of you! May Ramadan be a great spiritual month for you to purify your body and your soul :yes:

    I'm really sorry for my ignorance but how do you determine sunset and sunrise? Is it by the astronomical official times or somehow different?
  15. Happy Ramadan everyone! I have a huge presentation today that Im really nervous about right before I should be breaking my fast - so wish me luck!