Ramadan :)

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  1. So, how many ladies on here are fasting today? Today is the first day of Ramadan for those who don't know, and as Muslims we gotta fast.. I'm having such a hard time today, the first day is always worst. After that, it's easy :smile: Just wondering who on here is with me :smile:
  2. imbarak 3laich el shaher...
  3. I'm not a muslim but good luck with Ramadan :smile:

    can I just ask, something quick? I people give up other things with Ramadan too, such as music etc. would you be giving up shopping?
  4. Salams. Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to you too !! Yes, I will be fasting starting tomorrow..it will be a challenge for sure, but it comes once a year. I am excited :nuts:
  5. Thanks everyone :smile:

    MissThing: For one month I won't be eating chocolate :P
  6. mbarak 3laikum elshahar....:flowers:
    the first day is always hard....but then u dont want the month to end:love:
  7. Hope everyone who's observing Ramadan has a good one this year.
    We only start tomorrow here in Australia
  8. moi fasting as well...

    mbaraaaaak 3alikm shahar...
  9. Ramadhan Al-Mubarak To You All!!!!:flowers: :flowers:

    We don't start fasting (east coast USA) till tomorrow.
  10. Mubarak alshahar :love:
    Yes i am fasting today :upsidedown: May this be a great Ramadan for everyone.
    << she is starting a diet.. soups and fruits and vegetables + walking each day. + trying to focus more on purifying my soul (which is the real point from the holy month).
    i am worried about work though! its my first Ramadan working..:confused1: i used to be a student which was easier. but good thing i have 6 hours of work during Ramadan -by law:smile: - instead of usual 8 :yes:
  11. I'm not Muslim but I've done fasting before during Ramadan to show solidarity and support - good luck girls ! :yes:
  12. good luck and happy ramadan as well...
  13. My bestfriend starts fasting tommorow. mbarak 3alikem shahar.
  14. awwwwwww how sweet of u girlz ...
  15. Good luck! Quick question because I admit I am ognorant to the fasting rules during Ramadan.....what exactly are you giving up during the month that is mandatory (i.e. all meat, certain meat, etc.)?
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