Ramadan :)

  1. What a beautiful thing to say :idea: We are indeed, blessed and lucky to have proper food and shelter 24/7. And for that, I am always grateful.
  2. I've never been able to fast (though I'm not Muslim, my church organized several fasts and I could just never do it) so I totally admire ya'll for sticking to it. A co-worker of mine had a hard time with it because he was also going to school - but I think students get some sort of special consideration to eat extra cause he did. LOL

    Good Luck everyone!

    And a happy New Year to all my Jewish friends too!
  3. It's Sunday and Ramadhan has begin in Jakarta...

    May the month bring blessings and happiness for all... and yes, the toughest part is not the hunger and thirst, but how to control the emotions!
  4. wow

    u all put it so well... its controlling ur emotions ,getting to be better and more considrate and feeling for other people...

    not senying that getting together with the whole family everyday on breakfast + ramadan sweets is the best :smile:
  5. mbarak 3laikum elshahar to all celebrating

    fasting began today for me. Luckily I work the night shift so I am not doing too bad although I remember when I was back in school the first week was always the hardest.

    Looking forward to Eid :smile:
  6. Assalamualaikum,

    Happy Ramadhan to all muslimah sisters. I just started fasting today. I had headache since this morning but couldn't take Advil since it was Imshak already, thank God it went well, broke my fast at 7:38p, it's all good. Can't wait to start again tomorrow.
  7. I think the first two weeks go by rather slowly, then after that time flies and before you know it, Ied al Fitr (or Idul Fitri in Indonesia) is here!

    This year will be very special for my family because Insya Allah my brother and his family who has been living in UK for 6 years will come to Indonesia for Ied. It will be the first time in 6 years that my mother's children will be together, Insya Allah. My mom and dad are pretty excited this year!
  8. Iamsita, I'm in Jakarta too :idea: The only thing I hate during Ramadhan is the 'petasan'! Geez, the sound of those make my dog scared as hell. The government has banned them, but still ppl wont listen *sigh*

    Btw, I agree that controlling your thirst and hunger are easier compared with controlling your emotions. I got so used to cursing whilst driving it is super hard to stop that habit, LOL! You know how traffic in Jakarta, right? Not to mention the behaviour of busses, bajajs, and motorcycles that drove me crazy :cursing:
  9. Sarah: Thosetraffic jams in indo are horrible ....I do the same cursing job when I drive back home...it's quite hard not to :p

    I am not muslim but I still want to wish you all Good Luck with the fasting and Happy Ramadan :smile: :heart: :smile:
  10. Hi girls,

    It's the second day already!! I haven't found it so bad, I love the whole atmosphere during fasting month. Everything is a little slower paced and I just love it because here it's very festive and we have Ramadhan bazaars and stalls being set up, where you can buy all the favourite foods that will appear during Ramadhan. Fasting month always makes me feel more serene, somehow. Have a good Ramadhan everyone!! Assalamualaikum!
  11. Good luck to you girls!
  12. Wishing everyone a blessed and peaceful Ramadan. In this month of the Koran...May all your prayers be answered!
  13. Hey E, tell me about it (trafficjam)! :cursing: Seriously, even today I was in the car, my driver was driving, the road was packed and all these motorcycles were cutting lanes and such coz they didnt wanna stop and wait, aarrghhh, I did swore a few bits. Oopps! :p

    And not related to traffic but still concerns Ramadhan, I found it amusing and very funny to see my lil dog getting so excited to eat the early breakfast with us everyday. Seriously, he was always the 1st to be on the dinner table, waiting patiently beneath my chair. It's like he's gonna fast too :roflmfao: He would jump up and down if we didnt give bits and pieces from our meals to him that quickly.
  14. My dads goin for umrah next week its not fair I wanted to go too :sad:
  15. Happy Ramadan to all! May it prove to be a time of enlightenment and joy!