Ralph lauren ricky club

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  1. Well still hunting for the bag. I came across a Ricky bracelet. Super cute!

    I may be Ricky obsessed. I look at other bags but nothing catches my eye other than the aviator Ricky style.
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  2. Does anyone else own a Ricky bracelet?
  3. Does anyone have a ricky in python?
  4. Well guys I added a new Ricky to the collection! [​IMG]
  5. It's the bucket right?? Gorgeous! Love the color as well!! Isn't it such a great size? Look good every way you carry it, and fits a surprising amount. Nice addition to your wonderful collection!
  6. Thank you! yep the small bucket drawstring. It's the perfect in between size of the 33 and the mini. I could have gone with the 27 BUT I wanted something a tad different.

    I would still like to find the aviator (doctor) style in the smaller size. There's on on Posh but the girl is pricing it based on the ricky 33 and the aviator styles typically sell for $400-$700. Not the $1500 she's asking.

    But I really would like to find a ricky bracelet before I get the doctor bag. Part of me isn't sure I would use the doctor bag like I use my others in the collection.
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  7. ...sitting here waiting for the day a vintage burnished soft Ricky 33 lands in the resale market and I WILL POUNCE ON IT LIKE A BAU5
  8. I'm waiting on a ricky bracelet now.

    I'm not patiently waiting I should add. Do you have alerts setup on some websites?
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  9. YUP. The RealReal and Fashionphile!
  10. I would also suggest eBay, Rebag, and Tradesy.

    Also I think it's Vestaire that will pull listings from various websites. Check there too.
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  11. ALSO Fashionphile doesn't accept Ralph Lauren (last I checked) so I wouldn't waste more time checking there.
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  12. OH, THANKS! This is extremely helpful :smile: That burnished vachetta Ricky haunts me!
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  13. You're welcome! I have a routine down when I'm on the hunt for a bag lol The ricky you're looking for is gorgeous and I'll keep my eye out for you.

    The nice thing with Rebag, if you go to their website and find one that has already sold you can choose to be notified when they get another in.

    PS does anyone know where I can find a list of all of the Ricky styles. I'm not sure why BUT I feel the need to see if they made a ricky belt bag. Again I have no idea why but I'm curious now that the thought has popped into my head. I did a search last night but couldn't find much.
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  14. OH! That's a nice feature, the notifications :smile: And I appreciate all the help I can get tracking that bad boy down. No idea about belt bags, tho'. Would RL respond if you emailed and asked?
  15. I'm not sure but I did think about it just to see what type of response I would get. Might be worth a shot