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  1. I believe it! It really does look beautiful! Congrats on such a steal! I bought my Ricky secondhand but I could tell it was authentic by how luxurious mine felt as well. Truly amazing quality handbags at a reasonable price point (well, compared to the Hermes Birkin, for example!)
  2. I recently watched a YouTube video about a first time purchaser of a Birkin at Hermes FSH in Paris. It is truly astounding how difficult it is to purchase that bag...appointments, "interrogations:, etc. I have never heard of such a thing...it blew my mind a bit!
  3. My much beloved Ricky has developed quite a bit of patina, especially on the back handle! I tried cleaning a section of it using Tumi leather cleaner, and I think it made a difference! I'll post a before and after picture when I finish :smile:
    4CAA2265-8678-4590-9BDA-A68F5C5B4909.jpeg 7292D8DB-12B7-4393-B411-148C261BC4E8.jpeg
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  4. I'll be interested to see the results! There is a Ricky on eBay right now with the whip-stitchinglike yours has and I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to buy it, but it's not the right time for me to buy an expensive bag.
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  5. Here's the end result! Almost imperceptible, haha! But I enjoyed the process of cleaning my bag and in person the handle looks way cleaner so I'm happy :smile: The leather does feel a bit dry, but I'm sure that with use it'll soften up again. I probably would hesitate to this to the overall body of my bag.

    I really recommend getting one!! It's fiddly to get into and it's a bit heavy even in the 27 size, but I love it so much for the design and quality. It might be my favorite bag of my collection. It took me a few months to save up to, and it's the most I've spent on a bag, but well worth it. Hopefully they drop the price of the one you're eyeing! I got mine on Vestiaire Collective, and there were two others in the same style listed. I even put in an offer and they accepted, so maybe you'll be able to find a style and color that works for you at a price that's not too bad!
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  6. Hey! I can tell a difference...it does look better!
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  7. To buy a 27 when the right one comes along or not. Found two brown but both are missing the strap
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  8. I say buy!! I love mine and is's lighter than the 33, but still fits all my essentials!
  9. Is the strap something you would use? If so, I would wait. If not, then if the price is right HECK YEAH! Buy the sucker! It's so hard to wait sometimes when it's something you really want.
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  10. Strap is a must. When I use the mini I setup ch between the handle and strap all the time.

    With the 33 not so much because of the size but it does get used.
  11. I have been using the heck out of my mini the last few weeks. I’m down to using just a card holder as my wallet which does get rid of some weight.

    Ever since that I feel like the 33 is just too big though I will most likely never part with it. I actually just pulled her back out this week but I’ll be using the mini tomorrow since I have a bunch of errands to run. IMG_4939.jpg
  12. The mini is precious! I am with you…I can't imagine letting go of my beauty. It's a true HG for me. I think your 33 would be great for work or travel (although maybe the canvas ricky works better for that?)- I hope you still find use out of it :flowers:
  13. Oh I have a slightly bigger canvas ricky my mom got me for Christmas that I use for travel.

    I have actually been using the 33 (I call her big blue) for a few weeks now. Since there's not much in it it's pretty light. I do want to maybe find a shaper thing to put in it though so it holds the shape better. My 33 and my mini will be two bags that I keep forever. I have never loved a bag like I love these two.

    I think I have decided that my next purchase will be the celine luggage nano here in the next few months. I'm thinking maybe an olive color.
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  14. Yes, my Ricky 27 is quite slouchy as well! I've always admired the Celine luggage bags - looking forward to seeing pics if you ever decide to get it!
  15. I will be sure to post! I’m trying to figure out what color I want. I’m thinking olive. Leather is a must.

    Since I just got married and also bought a car in the same month I need to space this purchase out from those two things a bit lol