Ralph lauren ricky club

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  1. I could not find any threads for the ralph lauren ricky club so i figured i would start one. Feel free to post your favorite ricky bags!!!

    My very first ralph lauren ricky bag. Emerald green with marine navy sides (wings)



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  2. rr5.jpg



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  3. I love this bag, it is my all time favorite color combination EVER. the bag is soft but structured. made of buttery soft leather. but i must say i would never EVER pay $2,500.00 for this bag. under a $1,000.00 yes but not a penny more. came in a sturdy gift/storage box. dust cover is made of a canvas material (very nice) and the removable strap also has its own dust cover. also comes with card of authenticity.
  4. Congratulations on your purchase.
    I don't have a Ricky but I love it.
    That green is stunning!
  5. What a gorgeous bag! Congratulations to you! Do you mind me asking where you purchased it?
  6. thanks everyone it is a beautiful bag i paid $599.99 plus $15.00 for shipping. all of the colorblock RICKY'S went on major sale all the way down to $599.99. i had called a local ralph lauren store and a SA found one for me in another state and i had it shipped. cant believe the price!!! amazing
  7. Congrats on your new bag in MY favorite color!!!!
  8. Wow!!!! I'm in love with the bag!!!
  9. You got it for $599? :drool:
  10. yes it was $599.99 all of the colorblock ricky's went down to $599.99. i did call this past weekend to see about getting another one in a different color but they were all sold out the SA told me. the only ones they had left in the stores were the black and white art deco ricky's for $650.00 they were originally $2700. it wasn't my cup of tea but to each is own you know!! anyway the SA told me that if you ever see something you want online that is on sale it is most likely even cheaper in the stores and they will ship it to you. i see some of the colorblock's on ebay.
  11. OMG. U GOT IT FOR SUCH A STEAL. Is the sale still on for the rickys? I'd love to get my hand on one if the price is that ok but paying full retail doesn't sit well for me for this bag! Can I call my local ralph lauren boutique and ask?
  12. I would totally try and call. They are able to print out a sheet that shows if there are any left in other stores. But I did try this past weekend to get another color and the only one they could find was the black and white art deco ricky. But hey its worth a try u never know someone may have returned one
  13. I don't own one but I like the style of them (although I know some people write them off as Birkin rip-offs.) They had this beautiful lilac color but I believe it sold out a long while ago.

    I do agree that I don't think I'd pay 2.5k for it. What a steal at 599! :biggrin:
  14. oh yes i saw the lilac on ebay it looked beautiful. i guess that is what i like about the ricky bag is it has so many colors!!. but i think the price should be under a $1,000.00 all the time, it is what it is worth in my opinion. great style and quality of leather but not worth $2500.00. i did see the lilac alligator ricky on their site but i think it is like $18,000.00. what a beauty but way out of my price range!!! lol.
  15. I think it's hard to find a bag made-in Italy, with leather inside and out under 2000$ nowadays. Not to mention that one Ricky takes 8 hours to make.