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  1. That's really lovely news!! Congrats on your marriage :flowers:
  2. All knowing ladies in the Ricky club, i have a question about the first edition Ricky bag (not the soft Ricky), do they still make them? If they don’t, is it hard to find it in the secondary market? For some reasons I have this idea stuck in my head that I would love to get the first edition Ricky.... TIA!!
  3. Yes, they do…if you go to the handbags section of the Ralph Lauren site and sort from high to low pricing, you can see that they label some Rickys as soft and some Rickys without the "soft". The regular Rickys are made in 12 hours, while the soft Rickys take 8 hours. Other than that, I'm not sure of the difference! I'm got mine preloved but I think it's the regular, and I highly recommend! Gorgeous, high quality bag.
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  4. So interesting! Thanks for sharing. Would you mind posting a pix of yours? I remember seeing it when it first came out, and maybe even touching it. Reminds me of saddle leather which I love (in sort of brown color)!
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  5. I haven't got a good picture of mine, but I'll take one tomorrow! :smile:
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  6. Thanks for your help, and def no hurry!!!
  7. Here's my baby! The stitching/construction quality is lovely. You can tell a lot of care was put into making this bag. Mine is made of camel leather with a faux suede lining. It would've been nice to have real leather or suede, but this bag is already heavy so it's good it's not being weighed down by an extra layer of leather. Let me know if you have any questions about it!
  8. Beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing. It is beautiful indeed. The one I remember was a lot plainer than yours, like the regular one, but I supposed it’s a different leather. Reminds me of saddle leather actually! Yours is certainly a lot more elaborate than the one I had in mind!
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  9. Rather new to me:
    No idea what collection but the leather is amazing!
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  10. Just stunning, thanks for sharing :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::girlsigh::girlsigh::girlsigh:
  11. Thank you:flowers:
  12. Well guys I thought my next purchase was going to be a celine nano luggage BUT nope.

    I've caught the ricky bug again. This time for the aviator style. There's one on ebay but the seller hasn't gotten back to me yet. Not looking for the wool and leather versions, just strictly the all leather in the honey color. If you see one let me know!
  13. UPDATE:

    She got back to me but the corners look super worn, and on two it looks like there could be a small hole. Waiting to hear back from her but I'm glad I haven't put a bid in yet.....
  14. Ooh, which one is the aviator style? And I'm glad you didn't waste any money! I will probably always find myself wanting to collect Rickys haha.
  15. it's a doctor bag shape. super pretty. It just grabbed me thru the screen and I went yep that's the next bag purchase.

    I've found two more, but still waiting for the sellers to get back to me. I've never tried to buy an item so hard, 3 different times, from 3 different people and gotten bad service like this every time.
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