Rainbow of colors inside your H bag

  1. Sorry for my late response! I got the BE calvi from my trip in Hawaii. I got it in Hermes Ala moana. Thank you for your lovely comment! :smile:
  2. All of these are just gorgeous...and they offer such a fantastic diversity of color and style! Beautiful additions! I'm thrilled for you!
  3. LOVE BE in anything..I have togo Ulysse in BE and is gorgeous, your karo is to die for and it is from my favourite place :biggrin:
  4. thanks a lot Hermezzy :cool::biggrin:
  5. Thank you very much I love it too.:biggrin: So you know where I got my karo from? LOL maybe you would have beat me to it if I didn't pick it up quick enough? ;)
  6. oh I wish I were there...every summer, rarely I skip, I am right there, both Kalakaua Ave and Ala Moana..snooping around, and then back to North Shore (that is where I love to be, Sunset beach) and on occasion back to hectic city to have a fix :cool:
  7. Ok I can finally join this thread! Here is my rainbow in my black 35 togo with ghw which has a pegasus lock on it:
    Blue De Galice Ulysse PM with Elephant pikabook
    Menthe tarmac with tiger pikabook
    Orange ulysse mini with barenia heart catcher charm
    Rouge Casaque 24 coin purse
    Blue Paon bastia
    Soufre calvi
    Tosca calvi
    Rose lipstick calvi
    Orange perfume travel case with Eau De Mervilles (not sure of spelling)
    Parme mini photo holder
    Gray post it holder
    Green horse comb
    Bolide mini mini travel case in fuschia with clover charm

    Sorry about the flash the lighting is kind of bad in my room so the soufre just photographs as a yellow blob. Still wanting something in blue hydra, not sure what to get next but I love all these pieces and every single one has a function in my bag. Putting this rainbow together has been about as time consuming as getting the birkin! These pieces are from many different store: my local SF store, Vegas, Hawaii, and H.com. I have gone through some things I didnt like as well, i.e. I bought a karo and sold it, didnt end up liking it. So now I know what I will use and what I wont which is why I wont just buy any piece to add to my rainbow, it needs to get used.
    2013-04-18 18.48.20.jpg 2013-04-18 18.48.34.jpg
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  8. I just ADORE this. Wonderful! Do you use your tarmac as a passport holder? If not, what do you use it for? I've always wondered about this piece and wanted to know how it could be used. It surely is gorgeous.
  9. Love you rainbow!!! The colors are so scrumptious!
  10. I am using it for receipts, coupons, stamps (you can see them peeking out), and a small lv address book from an agenda I use to own. It's actually really functional. You can also find a notebook that is about the same size and stick that in there.
  11. Thanks!
  12. So much fun this is just like being in a candy store.
  13. Thanks!
  14. Wonderful!
  15. We're actually going back to Honolulu at the end of July. LOL maybe I will bump into you there!