Rainbow of colors inside your H bag

  1. Soufre Karo, Rose Lipstick Tarmac and Gris Perle Ulysse with Blue Jean Trim and Ebene Massai.

    Now to find just the right wallet!


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  2. These are all very special. I especially love the soufre and gris perle...
  3. Nice! Love rose lipstick such a pretty color.
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1371789373.020219.jpg
    Updated shot of my rainbow.
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  5. I'm speechless! Simply beautifull...!
  6. Thanks! I love all the possible H rainbows!
  7. This pic is sooooo cool ! Congrats for your rainbow !
  8. erm..excuse me while I pick myself off the floor.
    L:heart:ve. Love LOVE! Do you carry all this in your bag? What do you use your Ulysees for? I'm trying to talk myself out of it. If you're in the mood to share, tell us what you stash in your little goodies :smile:

    You should post this in the color thread so we can use it as a color reference!:graucho:
  9. Thanks! I actually have been rotating my stuff in my bag and I also added a few new pieces and got rid of a few. With Hermes it just never ends! Ok here is a stab at what I use everything for:

    The red Le 24 Coin Purse (which I just got rid of) I was using for coins. I didn't like the way it held coins so that is why I got rid of it. I like the bastia coin purse much better.

    The red hoof pick case- I used for pens, can also hold a comb or slim glasses.

    Orange Ulysses has the H address book refill, I actually carry this in my work bag now.

    I use the menthe tarmac for storing my passport at home, I got to finally use the tarmac on a recent trip.

    Bleu Paon bastia is for coins.

    The large Bleu De Galice Ulysses was my calendar, I recently got rid of this as it was a bit large.

    The Mykonos vision is currently a notebook, will be using this a calendar next year, I like this size.

    The rose Jaipur silkin wallet is my current wallet.

    The sourfre (yellow) calvi is also gone, I wasn't too crazy about the color and it being Epsom.

    The parme photo holder holds a pic of me n my mommie on my wedding day along with a pic of my hubby.

    The Tosca calvi holds my cards. The rose lipstick calvi holds business cards.

    The pink bolide canvas case holds makeup n odds n ends in my bag.

    I also have the green case which has a horse comb, I use it for my own hair. LOL!
    And finally the pikabooks and keychains have their own little homes in various notebooks and as a charms wherever I can fit them.
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  10. What fun,like a child's playground. Really lifts the mood.
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  11. I miss this thread....
    photo 3.jpg photo 4.jpg
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  12. Oh I miss this thread too! There are so many beautiful H SLGs... Thank you for sharing yours, what a bounty of citrusy goodness! What size Lindy do you have? 30? It really fits a lot!
  13. Here's a shot of my tiny rainbow 😌🌈

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  14. Colors that brighten my day...
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