Rainbow of colors inside your H bag

  1. can you post the rainbow of colors inside your H bag? i just picked up my vert anis Karo GM today and here's my little assorted of vibrant hues inside my H bag. what's inside your's?

    35 birkin vert anis
    Blue jean dogon wallet
    Orange clarisse clutch
    Vert anis Karo GM

    (with posts like these, i miss 24 fauborg. we miss you, L! :sad: )

  2. Oh that's beautiful. I don't have any colors to post, it's all black apart from my pink phone, boring really :sad:
  3. ooooh....fun thread Pazt! will have to post pix in the morning--hopefully i'll have some better light to take a shot.
  4. Pretty! :nuts: I just have an orange Ulysee. :shame:
  5. Oh Pazt,your collection is so beautiful!i have the same bag and now feel like to get the Clarissa clutch!!!!!What do you use it for?
  6. msmarbella, i use the clarisse to hold tons of receipts. i'm a pack rat! :nuts:
  7. Pazt, I love your pix! You are a terrific photographer (and you have an amaing collection)!!

    Here's a fun pic that I took for another board to show how much can fit in a sellier mini Kelly. I love all the colors inside my H bags!!
  8. thanks sue! i'm missing RED inside my bag! i love all your bright colors!

    what is that tiny dogon purse you have, is that a coin holder or card holder?:confused1:
  9. Pazt, the vert anis Dogon is the key wallet (you will see a bulky black key on the keychain in front of it). The vermillon one is the Dogon compact and the orange is just a chevre business card case (I don't know the H name for it).
  10. Wow.NinjaS.!
    could you please visit me and pack my bags???:smile:
    Ihave already problem with my 31 bolide!!!!
  11. Bummer, it's a cloudy morning here, but here's a picture of Rouge VIF Chevre Mysore Karo PM, Mini Ulysee in Orange Togo, and Violette Chevre Mysore Bearn with my Bleu Saphir Fjord 35cm and 3H charm.
  12. oh orchids! the color scheme is just gorgeous and that violette bearn is simply beautiful! now i need reds and violets for my color blends! thanks!
  13. Love, love your collection. How big is the clarisse? Do you think it can be used as a cosmetics pouch? ......and do you mind me asking what the price is:shame: . Thanks!
  14. thanks rose! the clarisse is the orange slim clutch which i believe was about $ 400 +. it can hold credit cards, business cards and maybe a slim tube of lipgloss. the Karo (lime green one) clutch can be a cosmetic pouch and that's what i'm using it for. that's about $ 620. there's a smaller Karo PM which i'm not sure how much. there's a thread somewhere dedicated to Karo's. let me look around.

    a bunch of PFers have this adorable pouch. and they all inspired me to get one! LOL! :nuts:
  15. I did look into the Karo, but I need a zip top for my cosmetics. Do they do a larger version of the clarisse?

    It is so adorable :love: that I may any get one anyways....