Rainbow of colors inside your H bag

  1. gosh you are too kind thank you so much lilneko :blush::flowers::shame:
  2. that bleu aztec is seriously something else!!!! LOVE IT crackberrycream!!! :loveeyes:
  3. It's a Bebop. I use it for my sunglasses. The original sunglass case (Chanel) is too big and heavy. My sunglasses fit perfectly with lots of room to spare. I use the other one as a make-up pouch.
  4. Wow. Like seriously.
    This is a candy store.
  5. What a great idea I always balk at the chunky sunglasses casing so now you've given me something to think over.
  6. That's why my UHG Birkin would be a bleu aztec *dreaming on* I love your rainbow, I always favored the color combination of violet, orange and turquoise :graucho: now even with pink and yellow :loveeyes:
  7. Virtuosity. Just sheer, stunning, H virtuosity. GORGEOUS!!
  8. Love EVERYTHING about this pic. The UV is to die for!
  9. This is mouth watering!!!!! Love your collection to bits!!
  10. Some rainbow colors inside my Club Birkin 35. Thanks for letting me share!

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  11. Thank for sharing. This thread is nice to look at on overcast days.
  12. :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: amazing birkin!!!! i love everything!!!!
  13. Love this photo!
  14. Happy to enable you dear Jadeite. :smile:
  15. Wow. Love all the colors! What colors are the Karo and Calvi?