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  1. Very pretty - I like the green veining in your bangle.
  2. Hi All, I received a Jade bracelet from my (back then boyfriend but now husband's) mother when I turned 21. I wasn't too fond of it to begin with, especially because once I put it on I couldn't take it off! 8 years down the track I still have it on and I love it - its a very very pale green bordering on white with a little patch of green on it (attached image). I've grown very used to having it on my arm and my mother-in-law is always proud to see it on my arm ~! I'm used to it and have banged it endless times and it is still in flawless condition. It did take time to get used to, but now I don't even think twice about it =)

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  3. Sigh. That's what I've been seeing and I kept thinking "no way, really?" All the bangles I gravitate toward first are far out of my range.

    I would love to see any pictures or modeling shots you have if you are willing to share.
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    She's right.

    However one can say the same thing about diamonds etc. Not everyone is buying the best of the best or very few would own diamonds. It takes something magnificent in jewelry to be considered an investment. A few thousand dollar gain is luck, not an investment.

    China is also going to have problems with the stability of their wealth. (Where many of the jade buyers are.) The art market is already reporting this. The new money in China is over paying for items & this hyperinflation in jewelry & art will not last. (Radio show on NPR about this a few months ago.)

    If you are going to spend a fortune on jade & are looking for magnificent, go to the Christies or Sotheby's auctions in Hong Kong. These auction house know what the pieces are & have no ownership, so what you pay if fair or market value.
    That is the only way you can get 'what you pay for.'

    The 5 star hotels in China most likely are buying from them, just cut out the middle man. and then they are jacking up the price to make a profit.

    Like we all say - If you like it, buy it! Then you won't regret your purchase.
  5. Sure. My bff is in Hongkong on biz and took a pic of jade bangles at the hotel's boutique. She sent pic to my office so I'll post it on Monday. She sent me a Chinese turquoise bangle and I am in love with it!

    Seriously, it's an Asian status thing and I'm over it. $250k for a bangle?!! It's just morally wrong even if one can afford them.
  6. Your mom-in-law knows her jade and she must love you tons! Magnificent piece.
  7. Has anyone purchased from jadeisus.com? They have some very nice looking bangles, but I couldn't find any independent reviews on the site.
  8. ^ Am curious about this too. The website has bangles at a wide range of prices. I came across it when looking to buy a bangle. In the end i didnt buy online mainly bcos i didnt know my size. But i wonder if anyone here had bought from them before.
  9. image-4202601064.jpg

    Any idea what the quality of this bangle is?
  10. Here's a quick video about jade quality.

  11. There should be no harm in wearing it with another bracelet should there?

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  12. Thanks!! It was very helpful. Answered some questions I had for a long time!! Much appreciated!!
  13. I was given a bangle a few days ago, which was a gift from one of my mum's friends. However it turned out to be type B+C (chemically treated with artificial colour) - basically a fake :nogood:
  14. Storm Spirit, just curious, how did you find out it was dyed and lower quality - did you have it appraised or did it say so on the receipt?
  15. No it didn't come with a receipt or certificate, and I don't think it's possible to get an appraisal for jadeite in the UK.

    I had no idea that fake jade existed until I decided to do some research out of interest, and found that my bangle is type B+C, essentially fake.

    Type A = Natural, untreated jadeite.
    Type B = Soaked in a strong acid solution (the "B" comes from the directly translated "acid bath") followed by bleach to remove impurities and wax to make the surface appear shiny. No dye is used.
    Type C = Dyed jadeite, but the way this is done actually destroys the internal structure of jadeite and the dye is not permanent.
    B+C = Both acid treated and dyed. Capable of producing some gorgeous looking bangles, but they won't last long.

    Technically types B/C/B+C are still jadeite, but without undergoing these treatments their quality would be regarded as trash, so as far as most people are concerned they don't count as "real" jadeite.

    For practise & research purposes I went on ebay, entered "jade bangle" and the number of sellers flaunting B/C/B+C as A is unbelievable. Sure there are a few type As, but many of those photos are either photoshopped or shot in ways to enhance the look of the bangle - if you were to purchase one, you'd undoubtedly be disappointed with what you receive.

    Also, apparently the prolonged wear of treated jadeite can be harmful, because they've been exposed to so many harsh chemicals. As the dye fades and coating wears off over time, some of it will be absorbed iby your skin :shocked:

    I'm by no means an expert; I've only been reading about jadeite for a few days and have barely scratched the surface. But if anyone's interested, I could translate an article I found which lists a few of the characteristics of treated jadeite.
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