Qn on jade bangle

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  1. They did asked me to remove it and I told them that it was not possible. They were ok with it because maybe it wasn't a metal? I believe it was just taped down to my wrist.
  2. Oh dear! After a few days of wearing my bangle it appears to be getting MORE cloudy! I thought it was supposed to become more clear. It is my imagination?:amazed:

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  3. I need help to put on my Jade bangle bracelet. I have tried to use the thin blastic bag on my hand and then put dish soap on,but still not able to get it thru my thumb. My hand was so sore after that. If I wear this one it will besnuggled on my wrist.

  4. Try liquid soap or dishwashing liquid, but let your hand heal first (wait a few days before trying again). Good luck, and please send pix.
  5. In department stores, they keep knee-high panty hose (if that makes sense) to put on your hand and arm to help get bangles on and off.
  6. MollyO, would it be possible to show both photos next to each other to make it easier to compare them? In the second photo, the jade looks a bit lighter, but not sure if it's due to lighting or just needs to be cleaned. A possible explanation for cloudiness is that it is absorbing your energy and that is how the jade is reflecting it, but that would be unusual after just wearing it for a few days. Does it still look cloudy now?
  7. I love this thread. I love jade, but I can't find a bangle that I like at price I'm willing to pay. There are no China towns where I live, best I could do would be to go to a pawn shop, as the retail jewelry stores here that carry any jade are so overpriced.

    What's the best way you ladies have found to size your wrist to a bangle?
  8. Maybe it's just my imagination. Maybe I'll take it off for a few days and start again.
  9. Ok, but I would personally leave it on. Usually, the longer you wear it, the more enhanced it becomes (color/clarity-wise) and I also notice in the summer, when I wear a lot of sun block on my arms, it can get on my bangle and make it look less translucent, but it should wash off easily. Anyway. it's a really pretty shade of green.

  10. You have to fold your thumb into your hand by all your fingers. Kind of like, pinching your hand together...
  11. Junkenpo, generally the sales women will say to get a bangle with an inside diameter that is 3.5 knuckle widths. So if you hold the bangle up to your fist, it should span (inside diameter) across three and a half of your knuckles. That means it'll slip on without much pain. Obviously you can go slightly smaller, but it'll require the plastic bag or soap to get it on and off.

    Mine is exactly 3.5 of my knuckles, and i can get it on and off with just a bit of wiggling without any soap. Actually, I probably should have gotten a slightly smaller one since my wrists are small, but I wanted to be able to take it on and off easily.

    Unless you have extremely flexible joints or are double jointed, I don't know if you can get anything much less than 3.5 knuckle widths through your hands. Ladies I know who have smaller bangles have been wearing them since they were young and grew into them.
  12. This is one of mine. The other one I have is more dark green/brown and I don't like the colours as much. This one is pale green with dark green veining.

    I've got a pretty big gap at my wrist though because I have bony wrists. :sad:

  13. I purchased a beautiful jade bangle in the late 80's and had it placed on my wrist in which it could not come off. After a few years, it started to turn into this beautiful green color. However, Jade is delicate and can delevelope tiny cracks that can lead to a break. And that is what happened to my bangle. I was disappointed and never replaced it. If you decide to purchase, just be very careful to prevent any cracks!
  14. Ladies, I own and have done extensive due diligence on grad A jadeite imperial jade bangles. It's my latest obsession. First off, the best quality jade bangles are worth upwards of 40K, gag inducing ones cost up to 250k. Therefore if the bangle you are eyeing cost less, and you want only the best and not a run of the mill, could be found everywherelse, move on. A few facts: imperial grade A jadeite jade has 7-8 hardness on the moh's scale, therefore, should not break easily. Make sure bangle fits your wrist perfectly. Bangles with flat interior are best in my opinion. Yes, they must be tight enough that you will need vaseline to put them on. To determine what size fits you, measure length in mm width from center of pinkie knuckle to center of forefingler knuckle. Bangle must never have any brown spots and MUST be translucent and flawlessly smooth to the touch. If you still want one, go to webite of any 5-star hotel in Hongkong to find a boutique. Hope this helps.
  15. The bangle I've been wearing since the '90s is not flat inside, yet fits snuggly and comfortably. Also, one way to know if you can wear a solid bangle is how flexible and soft your hand structure is - this was taught to me in Chinatown. Some women cannot wear this type of bracelet due to the bone structure of their hands. Luckily, I was able to, but have seen others who could not possibly get a bangle on past their knuckles and had to walk away from a sale. My advice, if you purchase from a B&M store, make sure you can get it on (the SA will be very motivated to help you) or have them write on the receipt that it is returnable if you cannot do this.
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