Qn on jade bangle

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  1. I did purchase a bangle from them about 6 years ago. Easy transaction!
  2. I have been wearing my green jade bangle since the late 90's and have never taken it off - it's become part of my arm. Before that, I wore a lavender one for 6 years. I recently was given another beautiful bangle (white with dark green markings - very striking and unusual) as a gift but don't feel comfortable wearing more than one bangle at a time. I purchased the lavender one (approximately $600+) and green one (approx. $1500) in Chinatown, NYC (after negotiating them down, of course - I was only interested in quality, not crap). All are solid jade (no hinges) and fit snuggly - the green being the snuggist. I am used to wearing it 24/7 and would feel like part of me is missing if it ever broke. Jade is alive and absorbs your energy - it will actually grow more beautiful as you wear it - the color deepens and it becomes more translucent! I also have a lot of jade pendants and rings. Most non-asians (unlike me) just do not get the subtle beauty of jade. It will protect you and serve you well.
  3. Could you post a pic of it? I'd love to see! :biggrin:
  4. Here are photos of the all green bangle.

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  5. Here is the white and green one.

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  6. What do you mean by "jade is alive"? I'm really curious now!
  7. Ooh they're both very pretty, I especially like the green! Thank you for the pics :tup:
  8. Hard to explain "alive" - maybe "organic" is a better word, like wearing pearls or coral. If you wore metal jewelry e.g. gold or silver, or a gem e.g., diamonds, other than possibly tarnishing or getting scratched/nicked, the essence or appearance doesn't really change other than looking worn (except probably diamonds since they are the hardest gem on the mohs scale and less likely to show wear unless you bang it up). When you wear jade, your energy is absorbed within the material and can actually take on a more enhanced, beautiful appearance, including color deepening, increased translucency and, for some, the color can change completely (those are worth a lot). I've experience this color enhancement and increased transparency on my green bangle. My phone camera cannot really capture how special this looks. If you ask any Chinese person you notice wearing jade, they could probably explain it better. I've also been told that jade protects the wearer, i.e., if you fall and the jade breaks, your injuries would be less severe than if you hadn't worn it (haven't experienced that one yet). Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks! Sorry for such large photos. Wish I knew how to control the size when I attach them.
  10. Can jade be easily scratched or scuffed by going about your daily activities? And is it high maintenance?

  11. Oh thank you! That's really very interesting! I should wear my jade more...
  12. Jade is a pretty hard substance (I believe it can stratch glass); however, it can break if it is hit in the right spot or dropped (that happened to a beloved ring of mine - I dropped it and it broke in half, so I had it glued back together, but was advised by my Asian friends not to wear it since it's protective value is now lost - hey, the Chinese take their jade very seriously :graucho:). Otherwise, I never had a problem with any of my other jade - rings, pendants, bangles. Def not high maintenance. Just put it on and forget about it. If you do purchase a bangle, make sure it fits rather snuggly so you don't bang it all over the place. My green baby is on the narrow side and light, so if I'm typing on my laptop (like I am now), I just push it up my arm a bit. Never scratched or scuffed my jade (again, it is pretty hard substance so don't baby it, but don't drop it either).
  13. Absolutely wear it!!!! Can you post pix of your jade treasures?
  14. Ambereyes - thanks for the pics. I like your white bangle with green streaks. Very unique! If i get a bangle, i'm planning to get a white one or a lavendar one, bcos i think those colours will match my wardrobe better.
  15. One is packed away somewhere and one is in the safe deposit box, but I can tell you, the green round bangle is similar to yours in color and shape (this one was purchased in HK around 2006)

    The other is "New Zealand Jade" in this shape/color, but a bit wider and a little bit flatter.


    I've never worn either one. Maybe I'll pull out the one in the deposit box and start wearing it more...
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