Qn on jade bangle

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  1. lovely!

    It reminds me of a bracelet I drooled over while window shopping (when I was still a poor student) years ago and still haunts me to this day. I couldn't afford it then, but now I can't find any jade bangle near as attractive to me as that bracelet was then.
  2. Thanks, BreadnGem. My first bangle (1992) was lavendar (had a single green band on one side, and was slightly larger and wider). Wore it for 6 years then changed to the green one. I literally had people come up to me asking to buy it off my wrist! Unfortunately, it's MIA - I know it's in the apartment, but I can't find it. Don't laugh, I've even consulted psychics to try to find it. I know it's here, but can't get my hands on it. If I ever find it, i will post a photo. One word of advice, if you purchase a lavender, make sure it isn't dyed - you can generally tell, especially if the color is too perfect, uniform and purplish. Have them write on the receipt that it will be returnable with full refund if you discover it it's been enhanced. Let us know when you get one and please post pix.
  3. Might as well be enjoying them. Can you please describe "New Zealand Jade"? I've never heard of that.
  4. I totally understand - I also have pangs of regret not being able to afford items that have since gone up so much in value. Do you live near a Chinatown? You may be able to find your dream bracelet there, but make sure to do your homework. If you know what you are doing and they pick that up, they will be less inclined to take advantage of you. The mark up on jade is astronomical, so if there are a lot of similar stores in the area (as there often are in Chinatown), you have more negotiating power. Also, paying in cash helps. Good luck!
  5. From wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jade

    Nephrite jade in New Zealand is known as pounamu in the Māori language (often called "greenstone" in New Zealand English), and plays an important role in Māori culture. It is considered a taonga, or treasure, and therefore protected under the Treaty of Waitangi, and the exploitation of it is restricted and closely monitored. It is found only in the South Island of New Zealand, known as Te Wai Pounamu in Māori—"The [land of] Greenstone Water", or Te Wahi Pounamu—"The Place of Greenstone".
    Tools, weapons and ornaments were made of it; in particular adzes, the 'mere' (short club), and the Hei-tiki (neck pendant). These were believed to have their own mana, handed down as valuable heirlooms, and often given as gifts to seal important agreements. Nephrite jewellery of Maori design is widely popular with locals and tourists, although some of the jade used for these is now imported from British Columbia and elsewhere.[10]"
  6. Thanks, I didn't realize that New Zealand jade was actually nephrite. Is your bangle a grayish green? My sister once received a necklace made up of grayish green, opaque beads and it was quite beautiful.
  7. Thanks for this info! Makes me feel a lot more comfortable about wearing my future bangle :biggrin:
  8. No, it's more of a "light" forest green, if that makes sense...
  9. Saligator, I'd love to see it. Sounds really pretty...........
  10. I have a brown jade bracelet on my wrist since 1994/ 95? It's been on me since I was about 15 yrs old. My mom brought it back from our homeland and she helped put it on me with soap back then. It fits loose but I doubt it will come off now since my hand got a tiny bit bigger. Its a permanent piece on me and has been on through my wedding day and the birth of my two lil ones:smile: It's a part of me now that I don't even notice it being on there anymore. My husband even calls it my good luck charm lol. I bang this thing around all the time and still to this day can't believe it's held up. Good luck in finding one soon as us Asians believe jade are worn for good luck and also to protect you:smile:
  11. What a great thread! I'm not Asian, but absolutely love Jade. This thread has inspired me to get out my little treasure box of jade pieces and I have managed to squeeze my bright green bangle onto my wrist by using a plastic produce bag. (It works wonders!). I may never get it off! Haven't worn it for ages, but always feel it's so special. Thanks for reminding me how much I love it.:smile:
  12. I finally went to Chinatown, where i bought a jade bangle! I had initially wanted a white or lavender one, but i couldnt find a white bangle. I did try on a gorgeous lavender one, but it costs about $1500, which was way above my budget.

    Eventually, i chose a pale green one. I think quality-wise it is probably of average quality (i believe you get what you pay for!), but i like it. This is the first time i'll be wearing a jade bangle for long periods of time, so i'm thinking of trying out an inexpensive one first, and if i really enjoy wearing it, i may buy a nicer and better quality one in future.

    I had no idea good quality jade is so expensive until i started shopping for one.

    Here are some photos. Sorry i have no wrist shots. My hand is still sore from having bangles pushed on and off all afternoon, so i couldn't bear to push this bangle on after i got home. Will wait till the soreness subsides before putting it on.

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  13. iluvpandora - just out of curiosity, wouldn't you have to remove your jewelry when you deliver your two children? Where i live, the hospitals will make patients remove all jewelry in the delivery room.
  14. BreadnGem, it's lovely! Enjoy it. If you try putting your hand inside one of those light produce bags from the supermarket, it will easily slide right on. Good Luck!
  15. I thought I might add a pic of my bangle. I like to wear it with my gold twisted bracelet because they make the most delightful sound together.

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