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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been considering buying a jade bangle recently. I've been told that jade bangles should ideally be worn snug bcos if the bangle is too loose, it may spin around, hit things and thus increase its likelihood of breaking.

    However, i've always had a fear of having bangles stuck on my wrist and not being able to remove them. I have 2 friends who wear jade bangles and both of them cannot remove their bangles, but then they have no intention of ever removing them either. I have thin wrists and average sized hands, so if i get a bangle that can be easily removed, it will definitely be look too loose on the wrist, but if a get one that fits my wrist well, i may have trouble removing it in future.

    My question is, would you ladies mind wearing a bangle which you may have difficulty removing? (short of actually breaking the bangle). Actually, this is the reason why i'm hesitating over this purchase, cos i'm not sure if i want to wear the same bangle for the rest of my life (or until it breaks)!

    Btw, appreciate also if any of you can recommend any websites where I can buy jade bangles. Thanks!!
  2. I dont like jewelry that is too tight. It freaks me out, as of i were being suffocated. I have seen a lot of hinged jade bangles, maybe check into those?
  3. my mom alway told me when I was younger that jade bangles should be as small as you can get them but that you should be able to remove it if you coat your knuckles in soap. I dont know of any online websites that would sell good jade bracelets. any Chinatowns near you? that would be my first guess. then you can try it on irl too.
  4. I have 2, both antiques. Love Jade! :tender: Have lots of it.

    One is hinged, one not. Have thin wrists too, neither are tight but tighter than what I normally wear. Can't wear real tight stuff either.

    Love them but don't wear that often to worry about breaking. Also don't wear anything else on the wrist that I wear the jade on. So it won't get scratched etc.
  5. I only wear hinged jade bracelets for that reason.
  6. I wear my jade bangle every day. I push it up a bit so it doesn't hit my watch and doesn't really move around. I'm so used to it like this, I can't even feel it. I can take it off and on.
  7. Thanks, everyone, for your replies!

    I did consider the hinged bangles, but the places i've looked sell them at a higher price than those without a clasp, maybe because of the gold?

    I am thinking of making a trip to chinatown sometime to take a look:smile:
  8. I'm actually also looking at Etsy. Some of the jade bangles/bracelets there are really lovely
  9. Maybe this will help...http://www.jadeshop.com/html/pick_the_right_size_on_your_ba.html

    A quality jade bangle will be very expensive. The ones I kept picking out were well over 4 thousand dollars! I had to give up my dream of an imperial jade bangle and ended up with a nice, but lower quality bangle for around 300 bucks.
  10. The time to buy jade was 10+ years ago, to get a good deal. With the increase in chinese wealth, they are collecting jade like crazy. Or so we've been told by a dealer that buys & sell very high end jade products.

    What most stores call imperial jade a what really is imperial jade could be 2 different animals. Be careful.
  11. The key to taking off the tight ones is to hold your arm up on it's elbow with the hand up (to get the blood out of the hand) then use cold water and soap to slide it off. Also do not look at it when you put it on, take it off --or you'll freak out!
  12. Is this site legit? I can't seem to find any reviews/other mentions of it anywhere.

    I'm also looking for a nice jade bangle :smile:
  13. Jade by Nikolai located in Honolulu but would ship, etc. I think she is fantastic and has a wonderful line. Good luck!
  14. The price of jade has gone up astronomically in recent years. Last week, we had a dealer from Hong Kong bring in a few beautiful jade bangles, some of which were crazy prices. Just be aware that there are several grades of jade, the top being Grade A with prices to accompany it. If you're spending a lot on jade, please ask for a certificate from a reliable source.

  15. Thanks, Kitsunegrl! Did you buy yours from this website?
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