PreOrder the Latest Cartier Love Charity Bracelet?

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  1. The new Cariter Love Charity bracelet will be out on June 11th.... It looks very pretty, however I would need to change that white cord (It's going to get dirrrttyy! lol) Is this piece worth the $700? And if so....Cartier vs. Tiffany. I've been going back and forth. :sos:Thanks!
  2. It is hard to answer if it is worth $700. The cord can't be worth anything. And the ring is very tiny with a very tiny diamond. However it is a designer piece and a limited (only 3000 produced) item. Part of the $700 is going to a charity of your choice. I like the bracelet. Another good point is that you can always wear the ring on a necklace chain. If you have any interest in obtaining the 2009 charity love bracelet, I would definitely purchase by September or October. Otherwise you will be waiting until next June for the 2010 one!
  3. I am a Cartier ignorant...but I read somewhere you can change the cord's color depending on the charity you choose, can we do that this year too? or is this on previous years?
  4. This is what I found out a week ago. The new 2009 Love charity bracelets all start on white. Then if you preorder - you can pick your charity but is does not mean you are stuck with that color. For instance, I chose a charity with Tug McGraw but I can still choose any color cord I want. I thought I'd start with the white for a week or two. Then when I go back to the mall, I would change it to red. They promise to change them (free of charge) whenever you want. There are 24 charities to choose from but you can still have whatever color cord you want.
  5. Hokaplan - Thanks for the info regarding the cord. That would be great if we can change the cord every-so often. I am picking Charity bracelet on the 13th. I already pre-ordered by phone. I have not actually seen it in person yet. I just thought it look good on the website.
  6. It looks great in person. They actually let me try it on. I only wish the ring was a little bigger. But the diamond in the "O" really sparkles. I guess $700 isn't terrible considering it has a diamond!
  7. Cartier normally uses good diamonds, I believe VS.
  8. I don't think it's worth it.
    I love Cartier and am currently wearing 2 Love bangles, but I wouldn't spend the money on the charity version. It's cute, but not $700 cute. Personally I'd rather wear the bangle since it's more substantial and just donate $700 to a charity rather than indirectly through Cartier.
  9. tweetie - many people feel the same way as you. just wondering which 2 color bangles are you wearing? I have rg cuff and plan on doing yg bangle to go with it.
  10. Will they send me the bracelet with a different colored cord first? Or must it start in white?
  11. My SA in the King of Prussia Cartier store told me that I can have any color when I pick it up. I like the white though! It'll probably only look good for a couple days. But I will start out and see. It will be fun changing the colors all summer. They say people swim and shower with them but I won't be doing that.
  12. I do shower with the charity bracelet on. I think it's not convenient to keep taking it off and putting it back on all the time.

    I think it's better if u can learn how to tie the knot for the bracelet yourself as the instruction will come with the bracelet. In this case, you can just pop in the store and ask for the cords with many different colours to do it at home.

    I went to one of the Cartier stores in London and they gave me like 10 different colours which is cool. Sometimes I wear 2 colours at the same time.

    Have fun with the bracelet.

  13. Did the charity bracelet ever come in white gold??
  14. This year the ring is rose gold. Last year was interlocking rings - not sure of color.
  15. Hi does anybody know how much the bracelet costs in Europe?
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