PreOrder the Latest Cartier Love Charity Bracelet?

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  1. The interlocking rings one was from 2008 and it was both rose and white gold.
  2. The RG and YG combo would be fabulous!
    I'm currently wearing a plain YG and the WG with diamonds together. I normally only wear one, but I'm trying to decide if I like the look of 2 together.
  3. I was hoping for interlocking rings for 2009, but a RG with a tiny diamond is fine for me. Especially since it is only $700 this year.
  4. yeah, wasn't it more expensive last year??
  5. I think it might have been $995 for the interlocking one. I think the single ring in 2007 was around $400 but not positive. Lola24 - What is your opinion of these charity bracelets and the regular Love bangles from Cartier? I remember liking your taste in rolexes!
  6. I have the single ring rose gold bracelet - it was $495 (or $450). I would not pay $700 for the extra diamond chippy!
  7. $200 more does sound like a lot for a diamond chippy. But you're also comparing price in 2007 to 2009. And I agree it is still a lot for chippy plus inflation. But I still like it!!!
  8. Hokaplan & Cougess - Between 2007 - 2009, the price of gold has increased by 35%-45%.
  9. I wonder what the cost of charity bracelet will be next year. I wonder if it could go down.
  10. I really hope they will reduce the cost of most of their items, but I have only seen price increases so far. I also can't call the 2009 Charity Bracelet a reduction, as they also reduce the number of rings.
  11. Important detail on new charity bracelet - The "LOVE" is written on top of rose ring and underneath but..... there is only one diamond chippy (and it is a chip!) on one of the "O"s - the other "O" is plain with no chip. I didn't realize that before.
  12. Anyone else out there who has seen in person, purchased, or is wearing the new charity bracelet? Yunwendy and I can't be the only ones!
  13. I have the original Cartier love charity that I purchased at the Fifth Avenue store and I found that it really did not look like a man's bracelet with the shiny silk cord. So I took a Gucci tassle that i had taken off a handbag and tied the thin strip of leather around the bracelets charm. i find this better for the wrist and the look of it.
  14. i have the 2007 and 2008 Cartier charity bracelet versions...

    havent seen the 2009 one yet in person but may pop in to look...tho at this point i think i have more than enough charity bracelets haha
  15. My DH and I went to the Cartier boutique in Houston yesterday so I got to see the new charity bracelet and I actually really like it! I almost purchased it but my DH kept saying he thought $700+tax is way too expensive for what it is even with it being from Cartier :sad: I might still buy it cause it is really cute and it looked killer next to my pink gold Love bangle!!!

    I also tried on the Love necklace in pink gold with the interlocking rings with diamonds and OMG its way cute!!! I want that too :graucho:
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