PreOrder the Latest Cartier Love Charity Bracelet?

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  1. Mine came with the white cord but the SA let me pick 2 other colours at the point of purchase but we all agreed white is the prettiest combi :smile:
  2. Sanguine - What other two colors did you choose? Is it difficult to switch the cords? Enjoy your new bracelet!
  3. As promised my 09' Charity & Love bracelet!!! Enjoy;)

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  5. Congrats! It is beautiful. I totally love it next to Love bracelet. Hopefully I will get my Love bracelet in near future! I guess I can achieve similar look wearing it next to the RG cuff. But I really want the YG bangle. Enjoy it!
  6. Hokaplan, I chose red and brown (to match the rose gold actually) - haven't tried trying the knots yet but there is a piece of paper with diagrams showing you how.

    Sprinkles, you make the bracelet look great :smile:
  7. :woohoo: Congrats, Sprinkles&Bling!!! I love it~ but I have the interlocking one already, so I don't know if I should get another charity bracelet or not!!!
  8. Thank you ladies! U guys are so sweet...

    Dollygirl, you should get this one its so cute with the little diamond, and it would be nice to layer it with the one u already have! The diamond actually sparkles like crazy even being so small!!!
  9. I'm really surprised that more people haven't posted on this thread. I thought that there would be a lot of Cartier collectors and lovers out there. I'm sooo glad I got this 2009 charity bracelet but it really set me back from getting the yg Love bangle. But I'm on another ban and will not get anything else in the meantime. I know if I didn't get the charity bracelet and it sold out, I'd be very disappointed.
  10. Sprinkles&Bling - Thanks for the pictures. It looks beautiful with the white cord. I changed my cord to a purple cord.

    Hokaplan - I have been busy with work, and had not had the time to take a picture of my bracelet yet. Will do so when more time is available.
  11. Sprinkles&Bling your pics a gorgeous. ireally like the bracelet.:heart:

    It is 580 Euro in Germany.

    I would like to know how much it costs in the UK?
  12. Hi guys I just got my Charity Bracelet for mother's day. I have never seen it IRL I did think it would be alot bigger. I am not sure if I should keep it or exchange it for something else? I want to get the love bracelet in the future. What do you think and are you all still loving your's should I keep it?
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