PreOrder the Latest Cartier Love Charity Bracelet?

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  1. Here's a picture of the 2009 version on a navy blue cord.


    I'm still debating, but I'm leaning towards YES .... I had a chance to get last year's version right before they sold out, but I passed on it ... and I've been regretting it since then!
  2. hi!
    I bought the white gold cartier love charity bracelet in jan 2008 and I haven't taken it off since. Mine was like $375 I believe. I'm eighteen and this bracelet catches a lot of attention, many people recognize it as a cartier piece. I wear it with whatever jewelry I have on for the day. It matches my david yurman bangles tooo. My parents and I have a good relationship with the SAs at my cartier in Saks so I just walk in and change my cord color whenever I want. I've changed it like 5 times since Jan 2008. I really think mine was worth the money :smile:

    PS my mom has last year's cartier charity bracelet with the interlocking rings, she loves hers too and we wear them everyday, in addition to our other jewelry.

    I think if you buy this year's, you'll love it! the diamond is very cute, good luck!
  3. Lanier - Buy it before it goes! I like the blue cord a lot.
  4. Just picked up my Charity Bracelet this weekend. Will post pictures of it this week. My Cartier store was soldout of it, but they were taking orders. The display case did not even have one, it only displayed the cords.
  5. I have the original one (2007?) in white gold, and I love it. My DH even borrows it to wear. The 5th Ave store will change the cord for you however frequently you want, for free. I've had red, pink, purple, black, orange, you name it. It is a lot of money for what it is (bc the polyester cord has to be like 3 cents), but $100 went to breast cancer research for me, and I like the symbolism. It kicks Lance Armstrong's yellow rubber-band bracelet's a**!

    I say go for it. I never even take mine off for weeks (I shower with it no problem).
  6. Guess what my fellow Cartier collectors!!!!

    After thinking long and hard about it I decided I'm going to purchase the charity bracelet tomorrow!!!! I'm so excited can't wait to post pics for all of u to see, thanks for letting me share my joy!!! :yahoo:
  7. Sprinkles&Bling - So excited for you!!! It's really gorgeous IRL.

    I was also really tempted to get it when I tried it on (but more to hang on a necklace) but decided I have enough stuff lol!
  8. yunwendy & Sprinkles&Bling - I can't wait to see your pictures! I'm going to go look at it on Thursday.
  9. Thanks guys!!! They said at the boutique they would give me a few different color cords for free, all ways nice to get something added for free! :biggrin:
  10. I have the 2009 on the white cord. But is it hard to do the knots on the extra cords? I figured that I would have the SA do it when I'm ready for a change. But perhaps I could figure it out myself. Can't wait to see modelling pics!
  11. yunwendy and Sprinkles&Bling - Do you have the new charity bracelets yet? Are you wearing everyday?
  12. Hokaplan, I have not gotten mine yet, I did not have time today to go purchase it but I'm sure I will go in the boutique tomorrow and buy it!

    I'm so excited, do you wear the charity next to your Love bangle?
  13. I wear mine next to my Love cuff in RG. I don't have bangle yet but plan to get in YG. Then I can mix and match all three. I also have another rose gold bangle that is not Cartier. I can't wait to see your pics. I don't do the techno thing - maybe someone can show me this summer. Then I'll post my own pics! Enjoy!
  14. I bought the 2009 Cartier charity bracelet over the weekend :smile: and it's really pretty! I've always wanted one and am glad I got my first one with a little diamond in it :smile:
  15. Congrats and enjoy! Are you wearing it in the white cord or did you choose a different color?
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