prada outlet store YEY!!!

  1. Interesting info! Will definitely go there next time!
  2. [​IMG]

    Space, Mendrisio, Florence - I travelled there by train to Mendrisio, then cab. It was easy to get a cab and prices are fixed at 12 euros each way. The cab driver left his card, which we got Prada to call for us when we were leaving.

    Space is huge - it had a big square area for Prada bags, a similar sized one for Miu miu and accessories. On the left end are men's clothes/ shoes, right are women's clothes/ shoes, then Prada sports.

    I spent about 2 hours at Space.

    It had the best collection of wallets compared to Foxtown's Prada. There was a good range of colors, design and new stock. I bought a saffiano leather wallet for 120 euros and a long saffiano wallet for 150 euros. They are about double in the normal stores in Italy.

    The bag collection was good as well. I'm not good with many model names, but they had leather, lace, nylon and the brown sack looking one. I bought a small leather sling and a arm carry leather bag (330 euros each, before tax return). Foxtown's bag collection was different and in some ways, better then Space's. More on that later.

    At Foxtown Mendrisio, the wallets selection was pathetic but the bags were good! They had the bow series which I was eyeing forever. I thought long and hard about the gauffre bag, but decided to give it a miss. It was less than CHF1200. Tax return in Switzerland is 5%. There was also the lace bowler and a huge selection of leather bags. Comparable to the bag selection at Space.
  3. omg i love the walletss!! the prices are really good as well! great buys!
  4. You all are so lucky!I am dreaming on a place like this in Singapore. :smile:
  5. Has anyone been to the one in Woodbury? Is it new or has it been there for a while? I can't believe I missed it when I was there last time, but I will be going again in the next few weeks.
  6. its been there for a while and its a hit and miss...:biggrin:
  7. Thanks S:huh::huh:OOo much for sharing this info and exlcusive pics... i was in HKG last yr, couldnt manage to find e place.. so me and my friends gave it a miss...I will be gg HKG this yr end.. with your pics... im sure will be able to locate e outlet..Im interested in e bags, are there a wide variety?? :smile:
  8. Sorry, but im unable to see the attachment... any1 still has it? e map etc??tks!!!!!
  9. Anyone have any good SA's at Cabazon or Woodbury? Or is anyone near those locations? I am in desperate need of replacing my luggage that got stolen from my apartment last week! I was on Holiday in Fiji and when I returned my housekeeper informed me of the burglary! :sad:

    I need a reliable and trustworthy boardmember (well versed in prada lingo and merchandise) that can research a few pieces. My SA's at PRADA stores will not associate with the outlet as it's quite passe for me to shop there anyway! Oh well.hahaa
  10. I was at Woodbury in May and the selection was not much or at least nothing compared to the outlet in Italy.
  11. **mussolini, can u give an expample of prices of some items? shoes, wallets.. thanks!
  12. hi! would you know, other than taxi, ie MTR how to get to Space Warehouse? thanks!
  13. I've been living in HK for the past 10 years and I have never encounter the Prada outlet, but I have seen people holding the Prada outlet shopping bag confusing me.

    Now I am dying to go back in Hong Kong in May to pay a visit for myself!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
  14. anyone gone to the outlet lately? how's the prada handbag collection like?
  15. any one know how much cheaper is for men's clothing?? have 70%?
    i heard from my prada SA say that the shirt is about SGD $100++... and that was dirt cheap!