prada outlet store YEY!!!

  1. There's one in Woodbury Outlets in NY.
  2. do they sell Miu Miu?
  3. The California one is in the Cabazon Outlets near Palm Springs.
  4. Oh, i was just wondering if there was a Prada outlet, the closest one to me would be NY, - nice to know
  5. Thanks for sharing :tup: .. I have to be there!!
  6. and remmeber to bring all yr cash and cards...:graucho:
  7. The NY one is in Woodbury Common up in Harriman, NY (exit 16 off the Thruway). Can you tell I go there a lot? You can get details and directions at WC also has Chanel, Balenciaga, Dior, Burberry, Gucci, YSL and Godiva -- oh, and David Yurman.
  8. the one near Florence sells also Jil Sander & MiuMiu
  9. I've been to SPACE HK before such a nice place!!!!!!!!! I bought a lot of shoes & bags there!!! for everyone who want to go there and not sure where 's it located I will attached the address which was wrote in chinese for you if you want to go there by Taxi or Cab cause it quit far from Kowloon & Hongkong.
    Hope that will help you. Enjoy!!!
  10. thxs and good thing I read Chinese
  11. Thank you so much. I won't miss it for sure if I go to HK next time.
  12. do they have like men runway bags from past seasons im going there in two months
    thx for sharing thx so much
  13. i really hope they have a good selection of prada and miu miu bags from past seasons because i like the old bags so much better than the new ones! i also hope the shoes don't come in odd sizes since im going to hongkong soon and since i hear its not really close to anywhere (hong kong and kowloon) and in a offbeat area, i wouldnt want it to be a waste of time :sad:
  14. any updates on this place?
  15. Anyone knows where the Space outlet is in Japan? Is there one in Tokyo?
    Thanks in advance!