prada outlet store YEY!!!

  1. hi ladies who love prada! i found a new haunt in hong kong called SPACE WAREHOUSE. it is a PRADA-OWNED AND OPERATED outlet store, and everything in it is at least 40% off. unlike other outlet stores in HK, this one is well-lit and the dressing rooms are nice. i managed to (sneakily) take some pics of the store with my cell phone.

    just thought i would share this :smile: if you love prada then a trip to hong kong is definitely worth it. the bags, shoes, and clothes are TDF! oh and they carry the men's line as well. they also have prada sport and helmut lang and miu miu.

    some pics:

    this is the store front:


    some sneaky shots of what's inside (sorry about the quality of the pics. i was trying not to get caught!)



    i was not able to get a shot of the bags section because the SA kept following me (and i was too busy buying LOL).

    anyway here's the address:

    2/F, South Horizons Plaze (East Wing), Hong Kong Island-South Horizons

    the store is kinda hard to find, so be sure to wear comfy shoes as you hunt for it. i was going to give up but luckily I saw a fashionable gay man walking with a SPACE shopping bag. i literally ran to him and begged that he show me where the store is. he didn't speak a word of English, but when I said "Prada" and pointed at his shopping bag, he understood. Ah, the universal language of Prada! LOL
  2. I am going to Hong Kong in March. I definitely will visit this place. Cannot wait....
  3. any idea what are some of the bags they have?:smile:
  4. thank you so much for your info and pics mussolini!!! I hope you got something nice there!!
  5. OMG.. i have ot be there:tup:

    thxs for sharing.. merry xmas:yahoo:
  6. thanks for the info!
  7. Yes - its a great store and I have been there. However, it is a bit off the beaten path and in an odd area (almost residental and next to a convenience store if I remember correctly), but the deals are GREAT. For men, they have a fairly large section with alot of stuff.
  8. I have heard bout Prada outlet there, but definitely no idea where it is!
    Many thanx for sharing :tup:
  9. Thanks - so that's where Prada Heaven is. :smile:
  10. There are actually about a dozen SPACE stores worldwide. Two are in the U.S. (in NY and California) and there are quite a few in Italy; the largest is attached to the Prada factory in Montevarchi (making it a true factory outlet).
  11. i've been there, very nice and a lot of goodies.. i resisted buying the cervo antik satchel in quarzo (or a color similar, maybe sabbia?). now i regret it! the best space i've been to though is the one in japan - gotemba outlet mall... its in a really out of the way place but the selection is awesome..
  12. I went to the Space in Switzerland, just next to Italy and it was fab! and such a great selection :smile: but the pics of the shoe collection here look epic.
  13. What sort of Miu Miu stock did they have there? I'm in HK now and planned to go a couple of days ago but couldn't make it.
  14. Hell I was in HK just a couple of months ago and won't be there again in 2 years! :pout: But love your info mussolini! I must go there next time!
  15. ^^^^^Where in Cali and NY are these Space Outlets? Thank you so much in advance!