prada outlet store YEY!!!

  1. Me went on the 26th or 27th april this yr. forgot which date. they only have one left the colour antico. thats wat i was told. So i try to choose properly but still got abit bit scratches... u use wat polish to camouflage them huh?:graucho:
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    Mine is not deep scratches. Just used normal KIWI shoe polish! :biggrin:
  3. address plz~
  4. Any one been to space hk lately? Do they have a lot of leather totes in bright colors? We'll be there this coming october cant wait to go there 
  5. wanted a vitello daino 1713 in blue but any leather tote in red or blue would be great! 
  6. I guess a trip to hk is in order! Whew!!! Thanks guys!
  7. Hi,

    Has anyone been to the Serravelle outlet in Milan? Any good finds there?