Prada Bags: Now Made in China for Italian Made Prices."

  1. I agree 100%, and I do not consider a Space store to be a Prada boutique...not by a longshot...
  2. OK... wait a minute... I've known that overstock sells pradas (and in fact other premium designer brands like bottega), but i've always believed them to be selling authentic items. Maybe the rep is mistaken? I sure hope so.
  3. I think I was lucky - the one bag I bought from Space HK last month has a made-in-italy tag. not so with the last furla though.. that was made in china. damn.

    my mulberries and miu mius are almost all from turkey too.
  4. I bought a bag from Overstock and it is definitely authentic.
  5. its authentic when its made in chain wen we buy from prada store? so how about fake that are made in china? i am so scared of buying from online stiores now..
  6. I just bought Prada bag. I found that nowadays more designer bags are made in somewhere outside their original country. My Prada denim bag is made in Romania, and the white tag number is 158.

    I was asked one of the SA in miu miu boutique because I was disappointed found my miu miu vitello is made in Turkey. The SA told me that the company which produced miu miu bag (might be Prada as well) is belong to miu miu. It is exclusive and only produce bag for miu miu. I really hope that it is true, so the standard quality is guaranteed.

  7. The fakes will out themselves by more than just a fake Made in China tag, so that's not a problem.

    The problem (for me and I've said this before) is that if you sell one of the authentic Made in China Prada bags to someone on EvilBay and the buyer sees Made in China on the tag (not knowing what we've been discussing here), they would almost certainly think the bag was a fake. THIS is one of the many reasons I won't buy a Made in China Prada. I tend to carry bags for a brief period of time and sell them so I can get something else. I don't want the nightmare of an EvilBay or Paypal dispute over this mess.
  8. I competely agree PP, especially when you have Paypal idiots making the judgement call. I have not only lost these types of disputes but the seller got their money back AND got to keep the item. It was 2 years ago and still makes me sick to my stomach.
  9. I think this is the end for me with Prada. I only have 4 Prada bags and a wallet so I'm sure Prada won't miss me, but I won't feel like I'm being taken for a fool! Shame on them. PP, I feel the same as you. Made in China for made in Italy prices? Completely shameful. Besides Hermes, does anyone know what brands are still made in Italy?
  10. shocking piece of news. I don't want my bags to be term 'Made in China'
  11. Hermes, I'm pretty sure they make all their bags in France. I know that Chanel makes some of their seasonal bags in Italy and Ferragamo still prides themselves in making all their products in Italy as well.

  12. Hermes bags are still made only in France to the best of my knowledge, though some of the all canvas types might be made in Italy. I'm going to Hermes in Charlotte next week and I'll check on the canvas ones. I'm kind of curious about that. Might be some info on the Hermes subforum on this. I'm still having my affair with Hermes silks, bracelets and scarf rings. All those things are made in France.

    I think the bottom line with this is that the ONLY way any of us will know for certain the provenance of any bag by any designer is to have our hands on it, open it up and check the provenance tag. Even that's no guarantee. Some bags are partly assembled in other countries, then sent to Italy for final assembly and THEY will get a made in Italy tag, which I find very deceptive and misleading as well. :sad:
  13. Well what you pay is what you get, you pay peanuts ; you get monkeys!

    I been to Prada Space Outlet but usually they have nothing much to offer except styles that are many many seasons ago Prada or Miu Miu, some look like store displays. Their stocks & styles varies depending on their location. Their pricing for bags are also not exceptionally low, it is almost like seasonal clearance price.

    Hermes also get their materials from all over the world, the difference is for the price we pay, they are very stringent in their selection of material & workmanship. My friend who own crocodile farm & deal with exotic leather in Asia supply to Hermes but Hermes only take in the best 10% of the top quality skins that adhere to their standard.

    For 5 grands, i can get a nice full crocodile skin bag that is brandless. The same crocodile skin used on a Hermes Birkin would cost at least 10 times more. But with a Hermes Tag, it is definitely a good investment, you will expect nothing but the best, handcrafted luxury with best material.;)

  14. :lolots::lol::roflmfao:

    i am sooooooo using this (born in the year of the monkey)
  15. YIKES! I just checked all of my Pradas (even the gloves and hat) and one of them is made in China!!!!! I feel cheated. I bought it expecting it to be made in Italy. It is a backpack for men. I'm so disappointed. :sad:

    Better go back to Dior which makes all of their bags in Italy (very few are made in Spain).