Prada Bags: Now Made in China for Italian Made Prices."

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    Hi Guys! No, I'm not dead. Just resting my hand trying to stall off carpal tunnel surgery.

    I'm researching the latest curiosity from Prada. If you have one of the suede lined bags that Prada has released in the last year or two, please do the following and post your findings here along with the style number, or better yet a photo.

    Open the inside zippered pocket and pull it inside out. There will be a white tag with a number and a dark blue tag that says Made In [wherever]. If you can get a pic of the tag, super. If not, just post where it says it's made.

    Finally, when posting your findings, please include where the bag was purchased (Prada boutique, Saks, NM or elsewhere).

    Seems Prada may be running phase two of the "Pleather" saga, but I need some more research.

    Thanks in advance! :welcome:
  2. PP you are such the detective!!!!! Thanx for your hard work...and miss your savvy posts woman!!!! :smile:
  3. Nobody else? :confused1:
  4. I have some pictures of my Calf leather BN1904 with suede lining, Im trying to put pictures of it but its not allowing me. Inside says Made in China and the # is 208. It was purchased 1 month ago from Space in Woodbury Commons in NY. Please keep me updated of the findings as Im curious. Also if you need to see pictures help me how to put up or I can email the pics.
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  6. did they forget the "made in .. " sign at my bag?? :oh:
  7. Seems as though..... Check this out:


    2011_02250005.JPG 2011_02250003.JPG 2011_02250002.JPG AAAChinaPrada.jpg

    That's right, ladies and gents! Prada has pulled another fast one on us. First the Pleather Fiasco, now they are selling the couture line Prada (with couture line Prada price tags) and they are being manufactured in CHINA. :mad:

    This is going to make reselling Prada bags a nightmare! Can you imagine someone getting a real Prada with a "Made in China" tag so carefully hidden away. Can you say "Paypal Dispute"??

    We all know the Linea Rossa line is Made in China, but it's priced accordingly. I have nothing against items made in China and own my share, but when Prada is selling "Made in Italy" bags at "Made in Italy" prices and they are being manufactured for next to nothing because of the low labor costs in China?

    Sorry, folks. I'm done with Prada. This is completely unacceptable. I'm sick of this. It's deceptive as hell and I won't be supporting it any longer.
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  8. I also don't need to mention the nightmare that having REAL Pradas made in China will be for those of us working the "Authenticate This" thread. :faint:
  9. HOLY ****E!!!! :nuts:
  10. I don't mind things made in China either, but I DO mind watching companies like Prada lower their costs and not pass it onto it's consumers or worse, RAISE the prices to the consumers.

    I can get a Dooney & Bourke that's made in Italy now for about $500 bucks and the quality will be 2d to none.

    :tdown: to Prada and double that to the high brands that are secretly producing in China and hiding it.
  11. I agree wholeheartedly....shame on you Prada. What a crock. I'm done with them as well, that is just blatant deception, hiding the tag like that. There was a bag I was going to buy next week, but I'm not going to get it now, there are plenty of other bags out there!
  12. Oh How sad.....and deceptive. I'll buy some more Doonies too. At least what you see is what you get. Don't have to search through the inner pockets to find the crackerjack surprise.
  13. but that means not all suede bags are made in china.
    I don't think my bag is made in china because I do not have that made in china tag in my bag. so it seems like they put the tag in all bags which are made in china.
    it's bad enough prada made some bags in china though ..
  14. Hi Prada Psycho - it's not just Prada who are doing this. I know more about Mulberry bags but they are now manufacturing in Turkey, China and Spain. It's all done for reasons of cost. When it comes to resale the bags with a "Made in England" tag are much more sought after.

    My new-to-me Prada bag arrived last week from a fellow tpf'er that I know outside of here. It's probably about a year old and is the BN1889 in soft calf. It has a brown leather tag inside with "Made in Italy" and the small white numbered tag is inside the zipped pocket. So it would seem that Prada are proud to declare when a bag is made in Italy but like to hide away the "Made in China" label.

    Here's a couple of photos. Sorry they are just taken on the iphone but I hope the info helps.


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