Prada Bags: Now Made in China for Italian Made Prices."

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  1. No, nationality has nothing to do with skills. But the trade secrets are usually passed on within the family. I don't think people like to pass on the knowledge, trade secrets to outside family circle, whether it's leather or even jewelry making methods.

  2. Again, this issue has nothing to do with the nationality of the craftsperson. It has to do with paying premium prices for items that are being made at insanely cheap manufacturing costs to Prada, who is NOT passing the savings to its customers.

    It's no secret it's cheaper to set up a factory in China, pay sub-minimum wages to workers that crank out the same item as the workers in Italy (who are paid considerably more).

  3. I believe we two are in robust agreement.
  4. I think the days of family trade secrets, even in Italy are well passed.
  5. I agree with most posts here that it is plain wrong of Prada to produce stuff in China and other low wage countries and yet charging the premium for them in the boutiques. I would however like to add that even if a bag is made in Italy that doesnt's automatically mean it was made by an Italian paid an Italian wage: many Chinese and other illegal immigrants work in barns in Italy for Italian luxury brands, usually coordinated by the maffia. Read for instance Safiano's Gommora, about the maffia's control of luxury industries in Italy, or Dana Thomas' Deluxe.
  6. why in the world would Prada want to save their customers money? they are a business, a luxury goods business, they are all about maximizing profit. as long as there is demand for their goods at the higher price they will continue to sell it like that while constantly looking for ways to drive down their cost. it's simply good business.
  7. ^ it's good business from a capitalist, new-world, consumer instead of customer/client point of view, it's bad business when it comes to the authenticity and heritage of the brand - they've killed their almost 100 year old heritage by cutting down on the costs and thus on the quality. It's alright to make a profit, but seriously, how much profit does one need? How much money does any individual (or luxury brand owning family) really need? Why can Hermes keep up the great quality they've been offering for over a century whilst other so called high end brands keep increasing their prices but lowering the quality of their goods? Some of those Prada bags are almost as expensive as H bags (for instance the knitted one at 3000 euros - I'd rather have an Hermes Victoria for 2900 euros), but seriously lack in quality and crafsmanship. The same goes for Chanel, and Mulberry, which has increased its prices dramatically over the past 2 years or so, but the quality of the bags is lacking (I've returned one because the stitching was horrible, and have not bought any more as most ones in the store look cheap and smell like plastic). Many more brands will follow I guess. We all have to be careful and considerate when it comes to spending our hard earned cash on so called luxury goods that really are not that luxe anymore, whether they're made in China or Italy :yes:

  8. It's money they won't be getting out of MY wallet any more (and I could stock a boutique with all the Prada bags, shoes, accessories, etc. that I've purchased over the years.). Will they go out of business because I boycott Prada? Of course not, but I'll sleep better.

    Amen to that! Therein lies a lot of my disgust with Prada.
  9. Hi ladies, I was disappointed when I realised that my very first Prada bag is in fact made in Turkey. However, what bugged me is not so much where the bag is made as I believe in paying for good craftsmanship (and there is no particular group of people who can monopolise that). What is troubling is how Prada tagged the bag.

    When the bag is opened, the metal tag on the lining says, "Prada Milano", which leads one to think of the bag as being made in Italy. However, the bottom of the zippered inner compartment (quite a struggle to reach that part) reveals a "Made in Turkey" tag.

    If Prada really has confidence in the quality of the Turkish-produced (or Chinese-produced) bags, they should be upfront about it and have a tag that says "Prada, Made in Turkey", rather than "Prada Milano".

    It seems that Prada now hopes that their customers will pay for quality rather than the origins of the bag, which is arguably not an unreasonable position. However, if they really want to come across as being sincere, they should proudly display where the bags are really made and trust their customers' judgment.

    As apparent from the success of Apple's products, customers are still willing to pay a premium for a made in China product - so long as the quality reflects the price.
  10. Ok, that's it! I'm glad I've cured from Prada bug long time ago. I'm sticking to Celine! I don't mind having a bag made in China (my new DKNY bag was made in China and I love it!) but paying that much money for a Prada bag made in China? Hell no! If I had a Prada bag made in China I would feel that the bag is no different from those knock-off Prada bags.

  11. ***Yep. Absolutely agreed. I've mentioned this before, but I have lots of Made in China bags, but they were priced accordingly.

    The "knock-off" analogy entered my mind early on with respect to the resale market. Let's face it. Not every buyer on eBay knows all these intimate details about Prada bags like we do here. I can just imagine selling a Made in China Prada to someone. Hide and watch: here comes the "Not As Represented" dispute from eBay/Paypal. Thing is, I'm not sure that eBay/PP would side with the seller of a Made in China Prada either since Prada just started this crapola and it's a well kept secret for the most part. That's seriously scary. :wtf:
  12. Oh goodness.....I am seriously scratching my head over this now! I think I've bought my last Prada least it was made in Italy...

    pradapsycho: what bags are you buying now??? Brands etc?
  13. Cole Haan, Michael by Michael Kors, Furla (when I can find THOSE Made in Italy) and I'm dipping my toes in the Dooney & Bourke pond. Just have a D&B wallet now, but have been eyeing one of their vachetta bags that Zappos has on sale.

    Honestly? Prada couldn't have pulled this at a better time for me. Since I had to go out on early retirement, I have neither the need nor the resources for aaaaaall the designer bags I've had in the past. In that regard, the "made in China" has been a blessing: no temptation. ;)
  14. ^Hahaha....
  15. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I have to tell all of you a terrible truth that might shock you to your cords. One of my closet friend whose cusin married into a famous, rich and well known shoes manufacturere from Taiwan who based their manufacture plants in China. They make their fortune from private labels, what this means is that they make shoes for someone else. Guess who are they making them for? Almost all of the premium designers, let's name a few: Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo, Dior......The only exception brands are Louis Vuitton and CL. That is why their family members only wear Louis Vuitton, exclusively. Because they know other brands are just cheating their customers with big price tags. I learned this horrible truth last year, and I haven't bought a pair of the mentioned brands after that. No wonder I found most of the desingers shoes are not as comfortable as they once were.
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