Prada Bags: Now Made in China for Italian Made Prices."

  1. hear hear!
  2. I just got a beautiful Prada bag from Wardow and it was made in Italy!! YAY!

  3. Which one? No style numbers. That makes my brain explode. Me need PICS!! :nuts:
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  4. where do i see the 'made in xxxx'? say, for bn1336 or 1792?
    i never knew the bags are made in china :sad: how about those from joanna/hawaii?

  5. I never know the Prada style numbers, so I don't know which bags those are. Generally, you'll find the Made in XXXXX tag in one of three places:

    1) The older bags will actually say Made in Italy on the rectangular metal tag on the inside of the bag.

    2) The past few years, you'll find a leather tag sewn into the bag's main compartment's lining near the bottom of the bag. On most Prada bags (if not all), it's very easy to reach into the bag and pull the lining outside of the bag. The leather tag will be sewn into the side seam near the bottom of the bag. It's either stamped with paint or embossed.

    3) On the new (and sneaky) Prada bags, you have to pull the inside zippered pocket inside out. The Made in XXXX will be at the literal bottom of the side seam. They've intentionally hidden it deep into the seam, so it takes some looking.

    All of this varies from style to style, so there are no set rules.

    Go back and look at some of the tags in this thread that people have posted. That should help you know what to look for.

    In reference to Joanna, it's my understanding that the boutiques tend to only sell Made in Italy bags and the Space Outlets are the ones that get the Made in XXXXX, but I wouldn't take that as set in stone. Basically if you want to know: find the tag.

    Or as in MY case, stick to Prada bags that are at least 4 years old or older...
  6. Thank you PP for changing the title of this thread. People need to know and I know I ignored this thread for weeks since I didn't have a suede lined bag.
    I am heartbroken that they have gone this route. :sad:
  7. glad I just purchased my first Prada. :wondering
  8. Out of curiosity after I saw this thread I checked my *non-suede* lined Prada Vitello Shine Tote tags, purchased Aug. 2010. It was located in the main inside compartment on the back lower left side (bag facing forward) and it said 'Made in Italy' code # 180. I did take a pic of the 'Made in Italy' but the code would not show because I do not have a 'micro' option on my camera. I know this isn't the bag you were asking for, but I fell better knowing I paid $$$ on a bag that was not made in China.
  9. Just as an addendum to your information on the bags, I can confirm that many of the leather wallets found are made in Spain.

    The funny thing is that a Boutique SA here in Australia told me last Saturday that although the label states made in Spain, it is only the leather that originates in Spain, but the wallets are stitched in Italy.

    I do not believe him to be honest, as such labelling would contravene legislation here in Australia, and I doubt that Prada would risk being fined ($10,000 maximum fine) and being shamed.

    The relevant legislation here being the Commerce (Trade Descriptions) Act 1905, and the Commerce (Imports) Regulations.


    Regarding the labelling found deep inside the pocket wells of the bags, that MAY already be in contravention of the relevant legislation as the legislation requires that "the trade description (Made in China for example) to be in the form of a principal label or brand affixed IN A PROMINENT POSITION and in as permanent a manner as practicable to the goods"....etc (of no relevance to this point).

    Thankyou for posting the information on the Made In China issue, PP, as it added a new dimension to my search for a new wallet this past weekend.
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  11. Wow, this thread freaked me out as I just got my first Prada bag last month as an anniversary present:wtf: I haven't even used it yet, thought I'll wait till our anniversary get away to officially wear it.
    I immediately scooted off to check and :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: it's made in Italy. Bought in Paris as per receipt.
    Pics below:




    prada1.jpg prada4.jpg prada2.jpg prada3.jpg
  12. There are a few threads floating on the internet somewhere that said the "Made in Italy" tag doesn't mean much either. There is a belief that Italian craftsmanship is superior. But nowadays some fashion houses use Chinese immigrants living in Italy to make their products. The labor is less expensive but doesn't have the sweat shop image. I don't mean to say Chinese craftsmanship is not good. But there are some of us who believe in the Italian knowledge and skills of making leather goods that are passed on through generations. So if the tags say Made in Italy, your bags/goods could be made by Chinese, not Italians.

  13. This is not my issue at all. It's the fact that Prada bags that are made in China are far less for Prada to produce than the exact bag being produced in Italy, yet we pay the premium price whether it was made in China, Italy or Timbuktu.
  14. I hear you. I just wanted to put the info out there in case some people are not aware. When fashion houses use Chinese immigrants living in Italy, it's still cheaper than Italian craftsmen. But it's way less costly when they are "Made in China". I agree that those goods "Made in China"should not carry the same price tags that are "Made in Italy".
  15. I think the nationality of a skilled trades person matters very little; generations of Italian knowledge can easily pass to a non Italian. Made in China has a much different connotation than Made in Italy, but the ethnicity of the person making the bag is not what should be questioned, and makes me for one mighty uncomfortable.