Post your Saint Laurent Bags here!

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  1. Amazing! I love the look and proportions on the Large LouLou, very chic! Congratulations it’s stunning!
  2. My 1 years old YSL Toy Loulou ☺️
  3. First day out with my small Loulou

  4. My medium college bag in black with gold hardware. I've had her about a year now, I love the size and the fact you can remove the long strap.
  5. And this just arrived today from the sale! The small gold sunset, I couldn't resist!
  6. That is STUNNING!!!
  7. Bag twins!
  8. Ooo the sparkle...
  9. Going to my 6 week postpartum visit with my preloved medium cabas rivet in amarento color and my new court sneakers I got from the farfetch sale

    EFBC3566-D656-4F29-BDD4-54E185A57131.jpeg B5108FEA-4045-49E4-8E20-64169DBCC417.jpeg 87E739BB-74CC-4F9E-A492-11E6BF5257B8.jpeg
  10. Mine :blush: TOTE. LOVE IT LOVE IT ALL MY HEART. :love:
  11. I wanted to add something to my collection from Saint Laurent that was edgy but also classic, so today I picked up the medium Sunset in shiny croc embossed leather! I'm obsessed!! And so is my cat ;) IMG_0205.jpg
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  12. Off to a Chinese New Year open house

  13. Love the bag and your gorgeous Bengal
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  14. I have to keep looking at your cat:heart: I can’t believe how gorgeous it is:smile:
    Oh, and I love the bag too!
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  15. Hehe been loving my YSL clutch so far after I added in a chain! Woohoo!

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