Post your Saint Laurent Bags here!

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  1. Love it:heart: Congratulations!!
    I really would like this size. Have fun and Happy New Year!!:smile:
  2. Gifted this beauty to myself in October for my 21st birthday in Paris. My first YSL :heart:

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  3. My new small loulou in navy....I'm in love with it and probably will purchase another one in a different color...perfect weekend bag
  4. Weekend with my Toy Lou Lou DSC_1727.JPG
  5. My first boutique purchase, a large Sac de Jour in Navy. I got this beauty at the Saint Laurent outlet in Woodbury for about $1500! Such a steal!

    1B9AC5B0-7CCB-44D3-B662-B739EDFD41C4.jpeg 6E2A0A8D-F4C8-4C64-B240-84057DB7BCE2.jpeg
  6. Love navy and what an amazing price!
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  7. I got lucky with this purchase. I was about to buy the same bag but in a more brighter summery blue color but the SA showed this bag to me which was apparently in the “back”, so I grabbed it quickly! I didn’t think this color would go on sale like that!
  8. Very lucky indeed!!
  9. Beautiful color and GREAT price. Woodbury is my outlet as well.. how was the selection if this purchase was recent? Did they have more large SDJ's and if yes do you know what colors? Thanks so much - enjoy your beautiful bag.
  10. Purchased the YSL belt bag a month ago and haven't gotten a chance to take a good pic until now. I don't wear it as a belt bag but more like a cross body and it's surprisingly very versatile and compliments any outfit. This is the black with gold hardware. I'm looking to add the burgundy one to my wish list.

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  11. My first ever YSL purchase and I am in LOVE, its a Large LouLou ♥ I was kinda nervous about the size but that quickly went away as i started using it! IMG_6446.JPG
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  12. Sorry, it’s not a recent purchase. It was just a super late post. I haven’t been back there in a while. I wish I got the SA’s info so i can reach out to her to inquire about sales etc. My SA in Valentino is amazing - she text me every time they have styles that she knows I like.
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  13. Sorry for the late reply, I just saw it now. I purchased this back in October on Selfridges. It is sold out now on the site but you can probably hunt it down in stores. Hope that helps!
  14. Very nice! I didn't know you can wear this as a crossbody. Can you also wear it over your shoulder? Doesn't the bag fall over (to the front, if you know what i mean), because the straps are attached to the back?
  15. You look so beautiful and stylish. A lot of people wear the bumbags crossbody body these days as opposed to around the waist. The chevron is very beautiful.