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  1. Yesterday’s ootd with my Lou Lou camera bag!

  2. I love your collection! Does an iPad 10.5 fit in the baby? I’m trying to decide between baby and nano and wondered which you’d choose if could only have one?
  3. Finally took her out the other day. I love this size (medium) because it’s perfect for everyday use and it’s not too large for date night. Thanks for letting me share! :smile:

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  4. AB05FA7A-E38F-4369-A5DD-0621F005E2A5.jpeg 6673B4B8-FFE7-4296-B9A9-E4ECDF5FA3E2.jpeg 97674971-5D09-4A81-A94D-44F7D7340BBF.jpeg My first YSL bag. I‘m very happy with it.
    Does somebody know the name of this bag?
  5. With my current winter bag

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  6. My new medium LouLou in dark khaki 20181219_204329.jpg
  7. This is a beautiful red. I appreciate I’m a little late to the party but thinking of adding this to my collection. Do you ever have trouble styling the red with outfits or is pretty versatile? It’s a stunning bag
  8. This is literally my dream bag. I am actually going to save for it
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  9. [​IMG]

    This pouch is soo cute [emoji173]️ and I found a way to wear it as crossbody with a chain and a small open gap at the end of the zip that the pouches have.
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  10. my Sac de Jour nano enjoying a bit of sunshine :smile: 20181228_135141.jpg
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  12. D3E262C4-7EE8-4162-918C-08BBE536E7AD.jpeg Here’s mine! Debut today for work! The leather smells so good
  13. Amazing I love this bag! I want the gold hardware one!
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  14. Me with the small shw. I'm glad I exchanged it for the small instead of the toy. 20181230_154641.jpg
  15. I was also considering the toy at first but opted for the small. I got mine in ghw (or is it bhw?). Enjoy!
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