Post your Saint Laurent Bags here!

I loooove this bag! How is it holding up? It’s probably going to be my next purchase.

I've used it about 10-ish times now since June, so not heavy use, but still enough to have a solid opinion I think.

In terms of wear and tear, there's none to speak of - not a scratch! I haven't gotten caught in bad weather or anything though, so I can't speak to that.

If you aren't a fan of cutting down on what you carry, this bag might not work for you. But if I'm just out for the day (or evening), my essentials fit perfectly: Keys, slim cardholder, tissues, compact mirror, and a small lip balm.

Either way, I absolutely love the look of this bag and recommend it!
Hi ! A bit random but I found a YSL sunset bag in a thrift shop. I never seen one before so I didn’t get it as I wasn’t sure it was real. It was quite heavy and it looked alright though. But the inside has red leather ( for a grey croc bag) which I couldn’t find elsewhere. Could it still be a real one ? Thanks ! an update as I was removing the pocket packaging when wearing this bag the other day, I discovered that the formal color is "Desert Storm"
View attachment 3938010
That cleared up some confusion as I originally thought it was taupe, but couldn't figure out how I found this color to be perfectView attachment 3938011
...yet didn't like this taupe Baby SDJ I tried during the summerView attachment 3938013

In any event, perhaps that can also help someone who was wondering what Desert Storm looks like.
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