Post your newest shoe purchases here!

  1. My Alexander Wang Petra sandals just arrived :yahoo:


  2. :loveeyes: Gorgeous
  3. Those look amazing on you!
  4. Thank you ladies! :flowers::flowers:
  5. Your legs look great in those shoes. Are they comfortable?
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    Thank you!! :hugs:They're OK comfort wise. I won't know until I take them out but I have high hopes!
    It's a 5" heel, which I have loads of, but this shoe has a pretty high instep and I have average arches. Takes a little getting used to but luckily the footbed is pretty padded. They're beautifully made. Love them!
  7. i LOVE these, where on earth did you find them for that amount!
  8. It was another Rack crazy markdown. It is a good time to head over there-after the sale and they are clearing out shoes. I saw two other pairs of other shoes for $10, altho I didn't like them and passed on em.
  9. wow such an amazing find. I don't think we get anything like that in the UK. Uber jealous! :p
  10. Herve Leger pumps and Santoni wedges.
  11. so sorry, but it seems you have some amazing stores and online sites.
  12. I'm on an Alexander Wang kick! My new Tildas just arrived. :nuts: I have to say, these are probably the most comfortable heels ever. I wish I could find them in every color.

    Just a couple outfits I'm trying to choose from for my night out with the girls!


  13. Love them on you MiaBella! I am curious which outfit did you choose:smile:
  14. My new Christian Louboutin Jimmynetta Tassel boot. I love them, so comfortable and practical but with some sass!!!:biggrin:
  15. Hi green.bee! Long time no see :nuts: Thank you!

    I chose the black outfit but should have went with one of the others. We were going out to grab some nachos and karaoke and I ended up feeling way overdressed. Haha. Everyone loved my shoes though so yay!