Post your newest shoe purchases here!

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  1. Got this yesterday - stuart weitzman thigh high black boots (with a one inch platform!) I totally love them!!!

    (I did put on a pair of black tights after - just wanted to take the picture without the tights first, though it got pretty warm by the afternoon)
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  2. ^Really cool boots!!!
  3. GhstDreamer: Those boots look GREAT on you! Maybe it is just the angle of the photo, but they don't look as high as they probably are (at least with a 1" platform I'd expect them to be pretty high!). They are very flattering on you.
  4. Here are my two most recent pair:

    From DSW - NYLA Sage (should be arriving today or tomorrow, woot!)


    From - rsvp Mary-Kate (just ordered today)


    I already own about half a dozen pair of oxfords (at least.. ) but none that are RED! I am so excited.
  5. Just got these today!

  6. I also ordered these from Bluefly.

    Lovely People Riddler suede boots, grey.
  7. Thanks! They're a 4 inch heel but from the angle they look a lot lower. They're also black suede - I wish they were available in burgundy...
  8. [​IMG]

    Hello Lover.............
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  9. [​IMG]

    Michael Shannon Black Bow Heels from a recent photoshoot I did. I fell in love with them and ended up buying a pair from Off Broadway Shoe Store. The heels zip up in the back and the bow clips it shut.​



    Recently purchased these LV Spicy Sandals. They were too gorgeous not to buy. :biggrin:
  10. ^^
    Bagnista those boots are cool!!!

    Ann Demeulemeester lace-ups in chalk

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  11. Auroraskye - Those red oxfords are gorgeous! I love the style and color.
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    Love these. How much did you buy it for? Do anyone know if any online store that is selling this? I don't live in US. So need to purchase it online. :sad: