Post your newest shoe purchases here!

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    BlondeBarbie This is an amazing first pair, BlondeBarbie! Ice blue is one of my favorite colors in Louboutins! Enjoy them!!!

    CrazyBeautifulU I love your boots! I got these from Céline:

  2. These are sooo pretty! What're they?!

  3. MissPrive, Very cute boots! It has a very unique design. How high are they? Or do they have short heels? Are the newest season, Fall/Winter '09?

    nessahhh, I was just about to ask that too. =P What brand and style.
    And, Bagnista, do they come in any other colors? They're adorable. :smile:
  4. Tiffer Thank you! These boots are designed by french actress Emmanuelle Seigner for Céline. She's the wife of director Roman Polanski and the motives on the boots are from his movie "Dance of the Vampires". They're limited (100 pcs worldwide). They already came in stores in spring 09, but i was in Paris this summer and the Céline store and Galeries Lafayettes still had some pairs left! I'm short (5'2") and they end just under my knees (don't know the exact height). Check out the pic below for heel reference.
    santiag celine 2.jpg cow-boy-boots-in-calfskin-leather1.jpg

  5. MissPrive, Wow they truly are stunning! I love the back story for them. Wow, I had no idea that Roman Polanski remarried, nor did I know that his wife designed these gorgeous boots! Very beautiful! You're so lucky to have a pair of these very limited shoes. =)

    vlore, I must say I love both of your new shoes. Very cute and bohemian chic. And for such a great price! You're right, you really can't say no to them or their price! =)
  6. My new shoes this month (and enough for quite a while, the last ones are sooooo expensive)

    some older Miu Miu models, found them really cheep (they are quite funky)




    Marc jacobs booties




    and the winner is......Fiorentini and Baker Emma caramel from yesterday :yahoo:

  7. got these lela rose for payless flats for a total of $15!!

    this in blue..

  8. I have been LUSTING after those boots since I saw them in Elle. My boyfriend was like, no way, cowboy boots are for cowboys. but no! I LOVE them and still want them. :nuts:
  9. These arrived today and I love them to death...rain boots with heels! In pink! Trying to convince myself not to exchange them for the more practical black ones although I don't think I have enough clothes to match these ones.
    kate spade randi.jpg
  10. Got these today for 70.00 whoo fricken hoo! Guess over the knee boots. I was looking for over the knee boots for the longest!
  11. ^i love that over the knee boots!! :drool: where did you get them from?
  12. Great deal!!! Where did you get them?!
  13. Just got these yesterday - Coach Alexandria heels in dark brown