Post your newest shoe purchases here!

  1. Beck77 - Thank you. I got them for about $70 after taxes and such. I'm sorry I searched online everywhere and I can't find any online retailers that carry it. Its on the Off Broadway Shoe Store website though they only sell through stores. Maybe if you have any friends or family in the states they can purchase one and ship it to you? I'm sorry, I really did try to look for it. I would keep checking eBay just in case it turns up too. :smile: I hope you find a pair. Good luck!​
  2. which country are you located at?
  3. Tiffer - thanks for trying to help. i will try around and search and see if i can find one on eBay too. enjoy your shoes. :smile:

    immashoesaddict - i am from singapore.
  4. These are cute! Where did you find them (if you don't mind me asking).

    Can't wait to get these Giuseppes..
  5. ^ Absolutely stunning.
  6. GhstDreamer - Thanks! It was hard to decide which style to buy (they had like 4 different color combinations) but I finally settled for these ones. :smile:

    Thoang0705 - Those Guiseppe heels are gorgeous!

  7. if you have any one is aust . they might be able to get you some ..i know a few brands in aust have similar pairs :biggrin: and in variety of colours too

  8. immashoesaddict, Yeah I love all the colors that these shoes come in. Their purple and red really drew my eye though I'm not sure where I'd wear the purple ones to exactly. The silver was gorgeous as well. If you don't mind my asking, what brands in Australia have that similar style? I have a friend who is also looking for a pair. I offered to buy one and ship it to her but she said it might be easier for her if she could find a similar pair where she lives. Thanks!
  9. immashoesaddict - i would like to know too. :smile: thanks.
  10. [​IMG]

    Amelia Sandals by Kate Spade. Couldn't turn down the deal online, additional 25% off, already on sale and free shipping =)
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    Lucchese boots =)
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  13. plumaplomb, Very nice DVFs! They're so classy and sophisiticated. :smile:

    seaotta, I love those Kate Spades! Have a pair myself. Sounds like you got a great price for them. =)

    CrazyBeautifulU, Cute Lucchese boots. They are a beautiful color too. Nice choice!

    BlondeBarbie, Oh wow, those Christian Louboutin's are to die for! Amazing first pair.