Post your newest shoe purchases here!

  1. 7 For All Mankind boots $10!!!!!
  2. Please excuse the 3 posts, I didn't load pics correctly. These Dior Flats were purchased for $189. All found at the Rack.:biggrin:
  3. Haven't posted on here in a while.. here are some recent purchases.. got to love a sale!
    alaia1.jpg nk.jpg
  4. I love those boots, whose are they?
  5. The caged ones are by Alaia.. super comfy just waiting for warmer weather here to crack them out :biggrin:
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1376265291.041511.jpg
  7. A pair of cute flats from Saks off 5th...
  8. Where did you find these on sale? Been dying to buy a pair. Best looking wedge sneakers in my opinion.
  9. Just like all my other recent hauls-at the Rack. I also love the See by Chloe high top wedge sneakers but wondering if the shaft is too high. I know everyone loves the IM, but I'm not sure I like the bulkiness of all the horizantal vertical straps on the front.
  10. I have gotten some fab shoes the last week (5 pairs to be exact!).
    For some reason I can only upload 1 at a time.
    Thanks for letting me share!!
  11. Jimmy Choo poem
  12. Jimmy choo glitter Aimee
  13. Jimmy Choo velvet Clue
  14. Valentino espadrilles
  15. Valentino platforms... Oops I guess that's six pairs :graucho: