Post your entire Michael Kors collection here

  1. Thank you. It's not too big as well. So it came in handy.
  2. Thank You JannePink! :smile:
  3. LOVE this one!! I love pink, satchel's and MK!
  4. Wow, you ladies have some great collections! Here's mine:

    Hamilton Tote

    Delancey Signature Tote

    Fulton Crossbody

    Another Fulton Crossbody

    Addison Large Shoulder Tote

    Austin Large Shoulder Tote

    I don't know what the name of this bag is.

    Jet Set Crossbody

    Monogram Jet Set Tote

    Canvas Tote

    Jet Set Continental Wallet
  5. My little MK Collection...
    My fav is the MK iPhone Case with gold leather inside... (first pic)
    Still in love with my watch and the wallet is so good for in my little bags:biggrin::biggrin:
    Nice day y'all and thanks for letting me share
    MK Iphone.JPG MKWallet.JPG MKWatch1.JPG MKCol.JPG
  6. Love your collection. May I ask where you got the bracelet? Outlet or boutique?
  7. Here are mine. ;)

    Ordered 2 MK watches today. Can't wait to receive them!
    image-1135649046.jpg image-3069889229.jpg image-3057541113.jpg image-3878359686.jpg image-708027738.jpg
  8. Awesome collection!! Love it!
  9. Such a nice collection! So many great colors...
  10. Thx for liking it;)
    I got the bracelet / watch in the Boutique but it is from a few years ago
    But still in love with it.
  11. I'm so jealous of all of these MK goodies! They are all so gorgeous! Hopefully one day soon I can contribute.
  12. Hello my fellow TPFers here is my small Michael Kors purse collection! MK Fuschia Hamilton Tote, MK Turquoise Python Fulton Hobo, and MK Vanilla Gansvoort Tote!

    I also have tons of MK clothes, shoes, and Jewellery, but not enough time to put everything up! :graucho: Will try to do that next time, thanks for looking!
    MK Collection.jpg MK Hamilton.jpg
  13. That Hamilton is gorgeous! :loveeyes:
  14. [​IMG]


  15. Ladies, I love the purses! Here is my very small collection....I just got into MK.