Post your entire Michael Kors collection here

  1. We bought this in Vegas late june. I am told its limited edition and only select stores got this =) GOT THE LAST ONE!! =D


    sorry idk why its on its side when i fixed it before posting..=(
  2. Very cool! I like it! Excellent Job.
  3. Very pretty! Love the Two Tone color!
  4. Nice!
  5. This is such a beautiful bag did you get it at the MK store at the Forum shops in Vegas?
  6. YES! They had one in the display window, my hubby pointed it out because he liked it because it was different. We ran in there and got the last one in the store. I wish I knew how many they made but only 5 select stores got this bag =D
  7. Love your collections :smile:.
  8. You guys have some beautiful collections!!! I wanted to share mine as well if that's ok! :smile:

  9. Absolutely gorgeous collection!!! Love the T-shirt and belt too.
  10. Nice! I've gone for all the colors, but this pic makes me want a black MK!
  11. Thanks crissy! T-shirt and belt were actually great tj maxx finds...all on sale! Love it :smile:
  12. Nice! I'm a huge fan of the black leather purses...I just feel like they're easier to match, you know? Although I might invest in a different color in the future, who knows! :biggrin:
  13. Great collection!:biggrin:
  14. image-2572113129.jpg

    This is mine. Ostrich leather. I've no idea about the name.
  15. This is such a hot bag! I love the color! :smile: Up until now I had only seen the ostrich leather wallets. What a beauty.