Post your entire Michael Kors collection here

  1. Thank you and heeeeeey!!!
  2. Hi! I don't have a collection but I do have these really cute pair of sandals that I love! :heart:

  3. OH WOW! Absolutely gorgeous MK purse collection! :biggrin: I'm going to post mine tomorrow!
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  5. My small but much loved collection:
  6. LOVE these! When did you get them/what season?
  7. Thanks so much! I love them and they're so comfy! I actually walked in TJ Max last summer and they were the only pair sitting there waiting for me! I couldn't walk away without them.
  8. LOVE your collection!! what is the name of the pink ostrich bag? Beautiful!:woohoo:
  9. Thank you! I think it's called the Margo :smile:
  10. Hi I'm new here and I don't know how to start a thread discussion :smile: Anyway , can somebody help me to authenticate my bag ? I bought this online just want to make sure if it's authentic.. Please teach me how to post pictures also:sad:
  11. Welcome to tPF and MK!!! You can post your pictures here for authentication. The easiest way to post pictures is via iPhone or iPad if you have them - I find it so much easier than doing it on a PC. But if you have to do them on a PC the easiest way is if you have a photobucket account (free to get one) - then you can cut and paste them directly into your post.
  12. It looks good to me but please keep in mind that I am not an official authenticator for MK or any brand. However I've been buying MK for a few years and own about 10 and I have the tote version of your Grayson and based on all that it looks good to me.

    Where did you buy it and how much was it? Not being nosy - that info might help too. If you bought it from a street vendor for $30 I may have to change my answer. ;)
  13. Hi, I am new here so don't know much how to post. I have a question. I am petite and planning to buy large Hamilton NS. Will that be too big for me? Help please!!!
  14. Hi Bagbold, I recently bought a Hamilton N/S tote and I am only 5'3. It is a good size for me and not overpowering, I love the East/West but I have way too much to hold for that bag. I think you would be great with the N/S, I deal with the same issues of bags being too large for me.