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Aug 2, 2012
Hello. Does anyone know if the Neo Limited Edition Monogram of 2010 collection puts the date code in the leather piece? I have one and I'm trying to find out. The ones I've seen are stamped on the bag inside pocket. Mine has a date code in the right place but has the peice of leather date coded. It seem authentic but not sure. I really would like to know. If anyone can respond would really appreciate it. Thanks.


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Oct 1, 2012
Hi! I'm new to the forum but LOVE it already. It seems like there are a ton of experts here and I have a question about a Louis Vuitton I purchased recently. It is vintage 70's and manufactured by The French Co. and I know for a fact that it is authentic; I took it into the LV store in Cherry Creek to verify. I opted to not send it in for the paper documentation though I may in the future if I decide to sell. I took it to an expert for minor restoration but kept all the original hardware intact.
I cannot find this purse anywhere, internet or otherwise, and am hoping that someone here might have some more information. I'm hoping to find out the model name primarily, though any other tidbits would be awesome as well. I think it might be rare? I've included a few pics so you can see...hope you guys can help!!
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Apr 3, 2013
Hello, I need Help... I purchased a bag and the seller states its authentic special edition/limited edition Black Louis Vuitton Vernis Houston. It looks real, but LV store says they didnt make Vernis Houston in black..Date Code AR0201?? I need to know if its Authentic? Thanks a bunch :yahoo:


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Sep 19, 2013
Here's a limited edition challenge for the Forum. Presumed '70's Exclusivité Edition 4 (numbered series - #0098) Not looking for authentication, just history.

What year was this produced?
What is it commemorating?
How many were in the series?
The adhesive tag damage - From the Saks 5th Ave label?

Our Louis Vuitton store here in Seattle, indicated that it might be a "French Company" bag, but It doesn't have the paper tag inside, and is stamped "made in France"... But it does utilize the Eclair brand zippers. Conundrum! They also stated that it might be a "Blois" style bag but, I've never seen a round - canteen Blois before.

Photos attached - interested in the history that is to be discovered.

Thank you in advance!


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